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Confidentiality & Disclosure Statement

Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility (CDS) keeps counseling records (both electronic and paper form) as regulated by the State of Missouri. Maintenance of records is in accordance with professional, legal, and ethical guidelines. Other than authorized CDS staff, no one will have access to those records unless you release them in writing. They will not become part of your academic file. Even the fact that you have come to CDS will not be divulged to anyone without your permission. This strict confidentiality applies in all situations except a situation in which you are assessed to be a danger to yourself or others, your records were subpoenaed, or reporting (e.g., abuse or neglect of a minor) was required by law. Even in these cases, you would be informed if possible, and no more information than necessary would be released.

Your clinician/therapist may consult with supervisors and CDS colleagues to improve his or her skills and to provide you with treatment continuity and the highest quality services possible. This will be done without the use of your name whenever possible. If your clinician/therapist is being supervised, you will be informed of the name of his or her supervisor. Your sessions will never be taped without your written consent. Statistics are compiled on CDS activities, and from time to time the CDS staff makes presentations and writes articles as part of their work in a university academic training and research setting. In these cases, we will omit or disguise specific identifying information and certain individual characteristics such as your name.


Phone: 573.986.6191
Fax: 573.986.6031
Crisp Hall 201-202

Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility
One University Plaza, MS 8220
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

After Hours Services

Call the University Police Department at 651-2911 for emergency situations after hours, on weekends, or during session breaks. The University Police Department will contact the University's Crisis Response Team.