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The Road to Southeast

When you come to Southeast you become a Redhawk... but that doesn't mean you can just fly home. Here are a few hints to help you get from your Southeast nest to your home.  

  • Amtrak Train- leaves from Carbondale, Illinois and has various stops throughout Illinois.
  • SkyWest- fly from Cape Girardeau, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois and from there you can fly to anywhere.
  • Cape Transit Authority (CTA) or carGO- provide local transportation services in the Cape Girardeau Area including the Cape Girardeau Airport.
  • Enterprise and Ochs– have locations in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and can serve your rental car needs.
  • Living At Southeast Facebook page- find others living in the residence halls that may be from your area and willing to ride share. nonresident students represent almost all 50 states, so there is bound to be someone from your area.
  • BART Shuttle Services- provides travel between Cape Girardeau, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri; Southern Illinois and Central Illinois.


GPS Address for Southeast Missouri State University:
373 N. Henderson St.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701