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Administrative Professional’s Day 2018

National Administrative Professionals’ Day, (or Admin Day), is observed on the Wednesday of the last full week in April of each year. It is a day to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists and other administrative support professionals.

On April 25th, we will honor Southeast Missouri State University’s CTS staff with an appreciation luncheon followed by keynote speaker Sharí Alexander.

Shari Alexander


Sharí Alexander is a Persuasiveness Coach and Speaker who has made it her mission to bring the "dark arts" of influence into the light. After studying from the world's best influencers - CIA agents, hostage negotiators, con artists, and more, Sharí teaches positive persuasive tactics to help leaders become the type of person people enjoy following. Her clients include CEOs, politicians, professional athletes (NFL, NBA), television and movie producers, news commentators (ESPN, HLN, NBC), and New York Times Bestselling authors. Sharí is also a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and guest lecturer at USC.

Keynote Title:

Your Influential Personality Type: How to Be More Persuasive with the People Around You


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to *click* with your ideas, while others just don't seem to "get it?" Have you ever been confused by how someone falls in love with an idea that you think is terrible? If you've ever been dumbfounded by either (or both) of these scenarios, then you do not want to miss our upcoming keynote with Sharí Alexander!

In this program, you will learn about the 4 different Influential Personality Types, along with:

  • each Influential Type's unique communication style,
  • how to spot the 4 different Influential Types,
  • and learn your own influential strengths and areas of improvement.

Sharí will also share key phrases that you'll want to start using so you can improve your influential powers with all the Influential Personality Types.

Next time you have a presentation, are leading a meeting, or sitting down with a key colleague, you'll know the subtle shifts to incorporate to make your next idea more compelling!

Administrative Professional’s Day Luncheon – For CTS Staff ONLY

April 25th, 2018
Dempster Atrium
Open seating
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Keynote Speaker – Sharí Alexander

April 25th, 2018
Glenn Auditorium Dempter Hall
Open seating
Staff RegistrationNon-SEMO Attendees

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