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Course Redesigns

Fourteen life science courses, which will be taught in the renovated teaching laboratories, are being redesigned to integrate collaborative, technology-rich, inquiry-based laboratory experiences into course work for students.

Course Redesigning Key Personnel

Course MaterialsA Title III Internal Evaluation Committee is consulting with biology faculty members on the design of the new curricular modules and collaborating with Title III External Evaluators on the development of evaluation instruments to assess the impact of the new modules on student learning effectiveness.

Members of the Title III Internal Evaluation Committee are:

Dr. Margaret Waterman, (chair), Professor of Biology
Dr. Christina Frazier, Associate to the Provost for Data Analysis and Assessment and Professor of Biology
Dr. Alberta Sautter, Associate Professor of Middle and Secondary Education

JCCI Resource Development Services, a consultant firm with more than 25 years of experience with Title III proposals and program evaluation is contracted to be Southeast's Title III External Evaluator. The university is receiving evaluation assistance services from two consultants:

Jennifer Kerns, JCCI President and member of the American Evaluation Association.
Krista Schumacher, JCCI Associate and grant evaluation consultant at the Schumacher Research Group.

The twelve biology faculty members who are implementers for Title III Project course redesigning are listed below.  Eleven of these implementers, who were biology faculty members at Southeast in 2010, participated in the Title III Project Faculty Development Workshop facilitated by BioQUEST.

Dr. Diane Wood - Anatomy & Physiology I
Ms. Shannon McNew - Anatomy & Physiology II
Dr. Steve Overmann - Environmental Science
Dr. Christina Frazier - Epidemiology
Dr. Tim Judd - Animal Biology
Dr. Michael Taylor - Biogeography and Ichthyology
Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals - Molecular Genetics 
Dr. Lucinda Swatzell - Human Biology and Plant Biology
Dr. Margaret Waterman - Biological Science A Process Approach
Dr. John Kraemer - Occupational Health
Dr. Allen Bornstein - Plant Systematics
Dr. Walt Lilly - Cell Biology

Timeline of Course Redesigns

Note: This table has been updated to reflect changes in room numbers, courses and implementation dates resulting from course substitutions.

Room Course Implementation   Room Course Implementation
Anatomy and Physiology I Spring 2011 MG121    Molecular Genetics Spring 2014
Anatomy and Physiology II Spring 2011 Plant  Biology Spring 2014
Environmental Biology Spring 2013 Plant Systematics Fall 2014
Epidemiology Spring 2013 Cell Biology

Fall 2014

MG131  Animal Biology Fall 2013 MG101  Biogeography Fall 2013
Ichthyology Fall 2014 Human Biology Fall 2013
MG124 Biological Science A Process Approach Spring 2014 Occupational Health   Fall 2014

Course Redesigning Results

By September 2014, 14 undergraduate biology courses were redesigned with the incorporation of two new technology-resourced, inquiry-rich curricular modules. Summary descriptions of these 28 modules may be viewed in the Table of Title III New Curricular Modules.

In the semester that a redesigned course is implemented, the new modules are evaluated regarding their impact on:

  • student content learning
  • student inquiry and quantitative reasoning skills
  • student attitudes
  • instructor effectiveness


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