Bachelor of Fine Arts – Theatre

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professional degree with an emphasis on experiential and academic training designed to prepare the student for a career in the performing arts. Emphasis may be focused on acting, directing, dance, musical theatre performance, or design/technology. 67-75 hours are required for the degree. No minor is required.

BFA IN THEATRE Students holding the BFA in Theatre...
...Production must acquire...
  • Technical skills requisite for artistic self-expression at least one major area of production (for example, acting, design/technology, musical theatre) and those skills must be progressively developed to the highest level appropriate to the particular area of concentration. Technical proficiency standards should be established for each level of study.
  • An overview understanding of the major aspects, techniques, and directions in the area of concentration.
  • Fundamental, comprehensive understanding of the various elements and basic interrelated processes of creation, interpretation, performance, and production.
  • Fundamental, conceptual understanding of the expressive possibilities of theatre.
  • Knowledge and skills sufficient to work in both collaborative and individual roles in matters of theatre interpretation.
  • Growth in artistry, technical skills, collaborative competence, and knowledge of repertory through regular performance and production experiences.
...Repertory must acquire...
  • Familiarity with theatre literature of various historical periods, cultural sources, and modes of presentation.
  • Experience with specific repertories and comparative standards of production quality through performance, academic study, and attendance at productions.
...Theoretical and Historical Studies must acquire...
  • The ability to analyze plays perceptively and evaluate them critically.
  • An understanding of the common elements and vocabulary of theatre and of the interaction of these elements, and be able to employ this knowledge in analysis, including analyses of their productions.
  • The ability to place works of theatre in historical and stylistic contexts and have some understanding of the cultural milieu in which they were created.
  • The ability to develop and defend informed judgments about theatre.
...Technology must acquire...
  • Students must acquire a working knowledge of technologies and equipment applicable to their areas(s) of specialization.
...Synthesis must acquire...
  • Students must demonstrate the ability to work independently on a variety of professional problems by combining, as appropriate to the issue, their capabilities in performance, repertory, theory, history, and technology, as well as other fields they have studied.

BFA Objectives

BFA - Acting Major
BFA - Design/Theatre Technology Major
BFA - Musical Theatre Performance Major


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