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Books Not Returned by Due Date

Late Charges 

Rental/Return Policy

All Textbook Rental books must be returned or postmarked NO LATER than 4pm the Monday after finals of the current semester to avoid any additional charges. Textbooks returned after the due date will be charged a $10 late charge per book up to 14 calendar days from the due date. Textbooks not returned will be charged the publishers list price for a new replacement copy of the textbook. Both late charges and replacement costs will be applied to a student’s University account.

Textbook Rental books must be returned in satisfactory condition. All returned textbooks are checked for damages after they are returned. If a textbook is returned with excessive damage beyond normal wear and tear, a student’s University account will be charged the publishers list price for a new replacement copy of the textbook. Excessive damage includes, but not limited to: (water damage, mold, chewed or bite marks, missing covers, missing pages, missing book label, excessive highlighting, pages sticking together, stained, etc.)

Book Condition

Textbooks returned in unsatisfactory condition will not be accepted and the student will be charged the replacement costs of the book. 

Personal Emergencies

We understand that emergencies happen; if you were unable to return your rented textbooks due to reasons beyond your control, please contact us as soon as possible,  preferably before the due date. Depending on the circumstance, documentation may be requested.  

Students who file an appeal regarding textbook charges can do so within 30 days of the charges, after such time, appeals will not be accepted or considered.

Book charges not paid are subject to late fines from the University and are charged to the students account.

Appeal form

Please click here for a printable version of our Appeal Form.

What happens to the books if I would ship the books back after the due date and also missed the late charges timeline?

Books shipped to us after the time allowed to return them for the semester will not be accepted and are kept for 30 days from the date the textbooks were received, after which time the books will be destroyed. The student's SEMO account has been charged for the replacement cost of the book as well as the original rental fee.

Students have the option to pick up their rejected books at Textbook Rental during normal operating hours or email a request to have them shipped to them at the requester’s expense.

If you know they will not be considered returnable, please do not mail them back! Keep them and try to sell them to used book companies or sell them through online sites that sell used textbooks. 



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