Books Not Returned by Due Date

Late fee days

All rental books must be returned or postmarked NO LATER than 4pm the Monday after finals to avoid any additional charges. Books returned or received the Tuesday through Friday after the due date will be billed a $25.00 late fee per book instead of the replacement cost of the book and the original rental fee will not be credited. Rental Textbooks returned anytime thereafter will be charged the full replacement cost of the textbook and the original rental fee will not be credited. All textbooks must be returned in satisfactory condition, books not in rentable condition are not returnable. Textbooks returned in unsatisfactory condition will not be accepted and the student will be charged the replacement costs of the book. Students may file an appeal regarding textbook charges within one year from the date of the charges. In the event that the University is closed for scheduled holidays, books should be shipped to us on or before that last eligible day to receive a late fee (see main page for exact date).

Appeals process

We understand that emergencies happen; if you were unable to return your rented textbooks due to reasons beyond your control, you have the option to appeal the charges.

The textbook appeals committee consists of faculty, staff and students. The committee is responsible for reviewing the written appeals of students who fail to return their textbooks on time. The committee meets at the beginning of each semester. When turning in your appeal, please provide a copy of ALL documentation to support your appeal. Textbook Rental is not included in the decision process of the appeals; we simply relay the committee’s decision to the students.

Once the Textbook Appeals Committee has made their decision, you will be contacted by Textbook Rental with their decision; whether your appeal was accepted or denied.

Book charges not paid are subject to late fines from the University and are charged to the students account. If the account bill is due before the hearing date, it must be paid to avoid late fees.

If your appeal was accepted, you will need to return your books by the date requested and the book charges to your account will be reversed and your original rental fee will remain. Textbooks must be returned in satisfactory condition or the appeal will not be accepted and the student will be charged the replacement costs of the book.

If your appeal was denied, the charges will remain and the late fee option is no longer available. The books are now yours to do with as you please. We suggest you try to sell the books to the Southeast Bookstore for cash, they offer this service year round.

Students who file an appeal regarding textbook charges can do so within one calendar year from the date of the charges, after which time appeals will not be accepted or considered.

Appeal form

Please click here for a printable version of our Appeal Form.

What happens to the books if I would ship the books back after the due date and the late fee days?

Books shipped to us after the time allowed to return them for the semester are considered “Illegal Returns” and are kept for one calendar year, after which time the books will be destroyed. The student's SEMO account has been charged for the replacement cost of the book as well as the original rental fee.

Students have the option to pick up their “Illegal Returned” books at Textbook Rental during normal operating hours or email a request to have them shipped to them at the requester’s expense.

If you know they will not be considered returnable, please do not mail them back! Keep them and try to sell them to used book companies or sell them through online sites that sell used textbooks. Also, you can submit an appeal (please see Appeal Process)

Book Buy Backs/Cash for Books

Sell back your unwanted textbooks for cash! Visit Southeast Bookstore website for dates, times and information regarding selling your books back.


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