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About Textbook Rental

About Textbook Rental

Textbook Rental is an economical way to help reduce the expenses of gaining a college education; we strive to make it an easy process. Our textbook rental system is a tradition at Southeast and students and parents really appreciate the value of having a rental system for their textbooks. Students pay a fixed rental fee per course $35.00 + tax, and the rental fee(s) are charged to the students account and will appear on their University billing statement.

All course books are listed in alphabetical order by course number. Some classes have more than one textbook and some classes do not require a rental textbook. Each rental book is labeled with the course number and its own unique identifying number. It is our mission to rent the main textbook required for students at a fraction of the cost of the textbook.  This cost savings benefit is for Undergraduate and Graduate students who are enrolled in 100- 599 level courses and cross listed 400/600 level courses where the primary textbook is available at Textbook Rental.

Rental textbooks will ONLY be issued to students enrolled in the class. Textbooks can be checked out at Textbook Rental on the main campus or at the Regional Campus central office, depending on where they are attending classes.  Students taking online courses may order their rental textbooks through our website.  All students can pick up their textbooks at the main campus location or request that they be sent to a regional campus location to save on shipping expenses, or shipped directly to their home for a minimal shipping charge.

Textbook Rental is owned and operated by Southeast Missouri State University for the benefit of our University Community. You help support the University through renting your books at Textbook Rental since all the proceeds from our operations are returned to the University. Thank you for your support!

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