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The Many Ways we Help Students Return Their Books on Time

We provide the services needed to allow students to return textbooks 24/7 during finals week. Please read on for times and locations.

  1. We send two emails to all students reminding them of the due date, the available book return locations and office hours and the hours of the afterhours Door Drop Chute. We also mail a memo to students who are no longer enrolled to remind them to return their rental textbooks.
  2. We include a handy bookmark in each book when it is checked out in person, or sent in the mail. Our bookmark includes our Rental Policy, shipping address, our website and contact information.
  3. Our return policy is stated on the back of the receipt and the due date can be found on the front of the receipt.
  4. Return dates are listed on the University and Academic calendar.
  5. We chalk the sidewalks around campus with reminders. (weather permitting)
  6. We have a Door Drop Chute available for after hours and on the weekend prior to Monday’s due date.
  7. Can be mailed with a postmark of the date due—with no cause to send it next day- as long as it is postmarked on or before the due date, it will not be considered late. Please obtain a tracking number for your protection.
  8. You can return books at the front lobby at Towers and at the Art Resouce Center (Seminary Bldg) during fall/spring semesters finals week. Students may also return their Rental Textbooks at any of our Regional Campus locations.
  9. Return your Rental textbooks at Textbook Rental main campus location during fall/spring finals week.  Please see home page for summer special hours.
  10. Anyone can return them, we suggest that they have your Student Identification number (S0#) so we can see if anything is still checked out, but an ID is not necessary to return books.
  11. Each book has the return date on the book label on the front of each book.
  12. Return information can be found on our website
  13. You can call us and we will be happy to answer any questions at 573-651-2236


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Textbook Rental
One University Plaza, MS 2020
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