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Civics Exam

Civics Exam Requirement


We will be switching to Canvas starting Spring 2021. We will be ready to administer the Civics Exam again no later than February 1. Thank you for your patience. If you have been notified your graduation application has been rejected because you did not pass the Civics Exam, your application will automatically be reevaluated once you pass. This will take up to two weeks (Testing Services needs time to upload your scores and the Registrar's Office needs time to reevaluate your application).


FRESHMEN: You will take the Civics exam your first semester at Southeast. You will receive information from Testing Services with directions for testing once the new semester has started.

 OTHERS: If the Civics Exam shows on your Degree Works, you either 1) did not complete the Civics exam as a freshman, 2) did not provide evidence you completed the Civics Exam at a different institution, or 3) switched your catalog year to 2019 or higher. 

Missouri state law now requires all freshman at public colleges and universities to pass a Civics Exam, similar in nature to the US Citizenship and Naturalization exam (SB 807).

If you are required to take the exam, it is indicated on your DegreeWorks. The exam can be located on your Canvas page at 

There are 50 items on the exam. You must receive a 70% or higher to pass the exam. Once you pass the test your score will be uploaded into our records system and the Civics Exam Requirement on your Degree Works will be checked. This process can take up to two weeks and we thank you for your patience.

Study materials are available on the Civics Exam page in Canvas. You may retake the exam until you receive a passing score. 

Please contact Testing Services at 573-651-2836,, or come to Kent Library Room 108 for additional information.




Fax: 573.986.6032
Kent Library Room 108
Testing Services
One University Plaza, MS 3970
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701