ESOL Certificate

The undergraduate ESOL Certificate from Southeast introduces the student to the practices and principles of ESOL as well as the study of language and culture. Students complete 15 hours of coursework that include four modules: Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Methods and Techniques for Teaching ESOL, and Language and Culture.

Required Courses: 15 hours


Choose one of the following:
SE275/EL274 Diversity in American Schools (3)
EN486 Sociolinguistics (3)

Choose one of the following:
EN381 Language Acquisition (3)
TL525 ESFL Learning and Teaching (3)
EX302 Language Development of Exceptional Children (3)

Choose one of the following:
EN378 Grammars of English (3)
UI501 Principles of Language (3)

Choose one of the following:
TL585 Methods & Techniques for Teaching ESOL (3)
EN315 Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners (3)

Choose one of the following:
TL425 Materials & Assessment for ESL Classroom (3)
TL530 Practicum for Teaching ESOL (3)


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