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Curriculum & Classes


AO 327 Sustainable Agriculture

Designed to introduce students to ecological principles and analysis of       sustainability of agricultural systems. Prerequisite: AO 120/020. (3)


EC 344 (Cross-listed as EV 344) Environmental Economics

Application of economic theory to problems faced by environmental managers and policy makers. Prerequisites: MA 134; EC 101 or EC 215. (3)


ET 426 Sustainable Energy Tecnologies

Explores carbon footprint management, engineering and economic analysis, payback analysis, and deployment analysis of sustainable energy options for industrial, commercial and residential systems and processes. Prerequisite: ET 365. (3)  

ET 470 Energy Management

A study of energy auditing, rate structures, economic evaluation techniques, lighting efficiency improvement, HVAC optimization, combustion and use of industrial waste, steam generation and distribution system performance, Distributed Digital Control systems, process energy management, and maintenance considerations. Prerequisite: ET 365 or consent of instructor. (3)


FM 544 Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies.

Green Building designs for residential and light commercial facilities based on LEED -H and National Green Building (ANSI-ICC-700) standards. Topics include energy efficiency, building codes, green construction methods and environmentally friendly construction practices. Prerequisite: FM 504 or consent of instructor. (3)

FM 564 Sustainable Facilities Planning and Design.

Sustainable construction and green building design for large commercial facilities based on LEED standards. Topics include locality, energy systems, controls, materials, water, planning and design using sustainable construction methods. Prerequisite: FM 544. (3)

FM 565. Building Energy Management.

Energy efficiency strategies for commercial and residential building energy systems. Topics include passive and active energy systems, climate and comfort parameters, environmental implications of the buildings, and carbon footprint management. Prerequisite: ET 365 or consent of instructor. (3)


IM 455 Sustainable and Green Manufacturing

Examines the concept of “sustainable manufacturing”, using green materials, methods and technologies that are energy efficient, sustainable and friendly to the environment. Topics include carbon footprint management, sustainable manufacturing process design, and life-cycle assessment for industrial processes. Prerequisite: ET 425 or consent of instructor. (3)


DS 332 Materials and Cost Estimating

A survey of interior materials and finishes utilized in commercial and residential interior design. Includes cost estimation techniques, regulations, codes, standards, and sustainable design. Prerequisite: CM 100. (3)


UI 360 Recycling and Waste Management

Exploration of personal, institutional, and societal strategies for dealing with solid and hazardous wastes.Prerequisites: Junior standing; Living Systems; Physical Systems. (3) (General Education course)


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