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Unmanned Aircraft Systems


If you have the will to be a part of a new and growing field that can prove invaluable to law enforcement, agriculture, videography, surveying and many other areas, Southeast Missouri State University’s Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) can help get you there. Many professionals use UAS, or “drones,” to protect life by using this technology in applications that would normally put human lives at risk. There are already many applications for UAS and the list continues to grow! Southeast is currently the only university in Missouri offering a bachelor’s degree in unmanned aircraft systems.

Students learn the fascinating fundamentals of these machines, including maintenance, customization, acquisition, and commercial use. Rather than building drones from the ground up, students take advantage of existing products and resources to adapt drones to meet specific needs. Courses include programming, electrical and electronic systems, mechanical operations, flight, drone design, sensing systems, mission planning, regulations, and safety.

What You'll Do

  • Understand the fundamental concepts required to be a professional in the field, including concepts in electronics, mechanical design, and programming.
  • Obtain a more specialized knowledge in unmanned aircraft systems, including flight, design, policy, and mission planning.
  • Have the ability to tailor the program to a more specific application area with 9 hours from areas such as agriculture, criminal justice, geographic information systems, and automation.
  • Have experience using the techniques, skills, and tools necessary for modern careers in the field of unmanned aircraft systems.

What You'll Study

  • CS155 Computer Science I
  • ET260 Electronics
  • ET381 Fundamentals of Aviation in UAS
  • MN324 Mechanical Design Process

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Internships & Career Opportunities

  • UAS Mission Planner
  • UAS Operator/Pilot
  • UAS Technician
  • UAS Designer


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