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The B.A. in theatre program provides broad-based education and training in theatre and provides students flexibility to explore any and all aspects of the performing arts. The degree combines a theoretical and analytical approach to understanding theatre. The degree provides an excellent background to enter graduate school or pursue work in various capacities of theatre or related areas.

This program also allows students to combine theatre training with other disciplines to prepare them for careers not specifically in the theatre profession. For example, students may combine a B.A. in theatre with a minor in entrepreneurship to prepare for careers in administrative and management fields in theatre. Students might also combine a B.A. in theatre with a major in creative writing to prepare for careers such as playwriting or screenwriting. Another possibility is to double major in film/television production.

48 hours are required for the degree. No minor is required.

Students holding the B.A. in Theatre must have:

  • The ability to think conceptually and critically about text, performance, and production.
  • An understanding of production processes, the aesthetic properties of style, and the way these things are shaped by artistic and cultural forces.
  • An acquaintance with a wide selection of theatre repertory including the principal eras, genres, and cultural sources.
  • The ability to develop and defend informed judgments about theatre.
  • Ability in areas of performance and production appropriate to individual needs and interests, consistent with the goals and objectives of the B.A. in Theatre program.
  • An understanding of procedures and approaches for realizing a variety of theatrical styles.
  • Intermediate to advanced competence in one or more theatre specializations in creation, performance, or scholarship.

What You'll Do

  • Training. Study with experienced faculty and staff in all areas of theatre.
  • Production. Backstage and onstage opportunities in four mainstage theatre productions, one mainstage dance concert, two second stage theatre productions, and one second stage dance concert, as well as a host of one-acts, readings, cabarets, improv shows, and so on.
  • Fault Line Film Festival. Participate in one of dozens of student films produced as part of the annual nationwide festival.
  • Housing. Live and train in the beautiful River Campus
  • Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival. Participate in the annual new play festival with guest artists and playwrights from across the country.
  • Student Organizations. Join Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Theatre Fraternity, as well as other student organizations.
  • Career / Post-Graduate Preparation. Prepare for post-graduate study or rewarding careers in theatre or related industries.

What You'll Study

  • TH155 Makeup
  • TH218 Acting
  • TH251 Costume Construction
  • TH490 Theatre History

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Internships & Career Opportunities

  • Goodman Theatre in Chicago
  • Second City
  • Santa Fe Opera
  • Julliard School of Drama
  • B-Street Theatre
  • Temple University
  • Williamstown Festival


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