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Technology Management: Sustainable Energy Systems Management


Technology management is a field of study designed to prepare technical and/or management-oriented professionals for employment in business, industry, education, and government. Technology management is primarily involved with the management, operation, and maintenance of complex technological systems while engineering and engineering technology are primarily involved with the design and installation of these systems.

What You'll Do

  • Learn green energy technology skills targeted on energy efficiency and management, sustainable facilities planning and design, sustainable green construction, sustainable and green manufacturing, and renewable energy sources such as biomass, biofuels, solar power, and wind energy technologies.
  • Expect to find employment in green economic sectors associated with energy management, energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy generation, sustainable and green manufacturing, and green facilities planning and design.

What You'll Study

  • ET160 Electricity & Electronics
  • ET426 Sustainable Energy Technology
  • IM311 Statistical Process Control
  • MN220 Engineering Econ Analysis

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Internships & Career Opportunities

  • Energy Managment
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Conservation
  • Green Facilities Planning and Design
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Sustainable and Green Manufacturing


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