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MA Teacher Leadership


The Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling at Southeast Missouri State University is committed to providing candidates with a foundation of professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for the Teacher Leader. The master’s degree in Teacher Leadership is a 30-semester-hour program that prepares candidates for leadership positions as a teacher leader, mentor, grade or content area specialist, or instructional coach. There currently is no certification available for Teacher Leaders from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

What You'll Do

  • Receive instruction from faculty who have a variety of practical experience. Faculty associates are former teachers, building level administrators, superintendents, and central office staff members in both the public and private school arenas
  • Participate in courses that are enhanced by incorporating practical experiences within class studies. Activities include the development of School improvement Plans, evaluation of teachers , development of plans for district and school level budgets, schedules, and plant operations; curriculum renewal and instructional design, examination of school policies and procedures, improvement of instruction to enhance student learning, professional development of teachers, and building effective relationships with families, stakeholders and educational partners.
  • Receive instruction from by faculty members who are sincerely interested in the personal, professional and career development of candidates in educational leadership. Faculty act as mentors and advisors and assist graduates with career planning as they seek to obtain a positon in school leadership that best meets their needs, talents and experience.

What You'll Study

  • EA606 Intro to Teacher Leadership/Peer Coaching
  • EA651 School Law
  • EA610 Diversity in the Classroom
  • EA507 School and Campus Safety

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