Triad Seminar

Student Teaching Educational Preparation Seminar

The Triad Seminar is a 4 hour training, led by the Director of Field and Clinical and the Southeast RPDC where each member of the Triad, teacher candidates, mentor teachers, and university supervisors, will participate in a series of team building activities as well as hear the same message of all expectations in the same setting. The purpose of the Triad Seminar is to build a strong foundational relationship between the teacher candidates, mentor teachers, and university supervisors.  Having an additional teacher in the classroom for an entire semester is a substantial change to any classroom environment.  Successful substantial change requires training and clear communication of all expectations.
Student Teaching Education Preparation Seminar

In this seminar, participants will be:

  • Introducing the members of the Triad to each other.
  • Learning your and your teaching partner's work styles, personality profiles, professional expectations, and other educational and personal expectations.
  • Learning expectations and the process of using the Missouri Educator Evaluation System.
  • Learning inter-rater reliability concerning the Missouri Educator Evaluation System.
  • Reviewing the expectations and styles of co-teaching.
  • Discussing expectations of the Missouri Pre-service Teacher Assessment – a brief overview of each Task.
  • Cooperating Teachers in attendance will earn 4 hours of professional development.

This training will be offered in three locations each semester to accommodate the three regions Southeast Missouri State University places their students: St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, and Malden. 

It is important that the teacher candidates and mentor teachers communicate which meeting they will attend together. The location should be based on where the school is located and the accessibility of the mentor teacher.

We look forward to seeing all participants soon.

Brandy Lee Hepler

Director of Field and Clinical Experiences

Southeast Missouri State University


Scully Building 308

Clinical Experiences Office
One University Plaza, MS5600
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701