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We understand that in order for change to happen, in order for great ideas to be implemented, they need to first be shared.

We are ready to have dynamic conversations and discussions about things that matter to YOU.

We realize to be effective student body representatives we need to not only encourage these dialogues, but facilitate and ensure they occur continuously.

We recognize the thoughts and ideas of every student of every affiliation are essential to the betterment of this university and we are excited to hear you out.

No matter the idea, big or small, repeated or original, no idea is unimportant and no individual is left out.

We cannot spell inclusion without “U,” and we cannot build community without “unity.”

YOU matter.

You are the change agents of this university.

We are just the megaphone that amplifies your voice for all to hear.



Vice President

University Center 414

Student Government
One University Plaza, MS 1800
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701