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Executive Board

Executive Board officers, President, Vice President and Treasurer,  are elected by the Southeast student body and serve a 1-year term.

The President is the spokesperson for the Southeast student body and presides over executive board meetings. The president also has the power to appoint student representatives to the Faculty Senate and numerous other University standing committees.

The Vice President of the Student Government Association serves as the president of the Senate. The vice president acts as a liaison between the Senate and the executives, and also presides over all Senate meetings.

The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Student Government Association and presides over Funding Board.


  • professionally shot portrait of Logan Phillips

    Logan Phillips

    Position: President
    Year: Junior
    Major: Corporate Communication and Political Science

  • image of martin

    Annie Martin

    Position: Vice President
    Year: Senior
    Major: Pre Dental

  • Professionally Shot Portrait of Kylie Noe at River Campus

    Kylie Noe 

    Position: Treasurer
     Year: Junior
     Major:  Business Administration and Corporate Communication

  • Professionally Shot Portrait of Ayshia Gray at River Campus

    Ayshia Gray

    Position: Secretary
    Committee: Lead for Public Relations
    Year: Senior
    Major: Social Work: Child Maltreatment

  • professionally shot portrait of Anna Carpenter

    Anna Carpenter

    Position: Chief of Staff
    Year: Sophomore
    Major:  Agricultural Communications 

  • Professionally Shot Portrait Of Dougie Gray

    Dougie Gray

    Position: Parliamentarian
    Year:  Senior
    Major:  Cybersecurity

  • image of stephan

    Ashley Stephan

    Position: University Affairs Committee Chair
    Year: Junior
    Major: Dance

  • image of Hoffman

    Heather Hoffman

    Position: Student Issues Committee Chair
    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Marketing Management

  • image of shadan

    Shadan Roumany

    Position: Diversity and Inclusion Chair
    Year: Senior
    Major: Biomedical Sciences

  • Professionally Shot Portrait Of Alex Auck

    Alex Auck

    Position: Special Projects Committee Chair
    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Business Administration



Vice President

University Center 414

Student Government
One University Plaza, MS 1800
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701