If you are in need of some support, mentorship, or simply a friend, consider reaching out to one of our LGBTQ+ allies. This team of individuals are trained in sensitivity and confidentiality, and are knowledgeable about resources for our LGBTQ+ community.

Name University Affiliation or Department Email Phone
Christopher Bradley Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology cbradley@semo.edu
Dana Branson Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology dbranson@semo.edu 
Monica Bixby Radu Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology mradu@semo.edu  (573) 651-2541
Dale Chronister Telecommunications dchronister@semo.edu 
Brooke Clubbs Leadership, Middle, & Secondary Education bclubbs@semo.edu  (573) 243-9629
(573) 651-2725
Sarah Dietrich Department of English sdietrich@semo.edu  (573) 651-2629
Amanda Eller Academic and Career Advising aeller@semo.edu 
George Gasser University Advancement gmgasser@semo.edu  (573) 275-4375
Jana Gerard The EDvolution Center jgerard@semo.edu 
Torie Grogan Counseling and Disability Services tgrogan@semo.edu  (573) 986-6191
Shaun Guiling Psychology and Counseling sguiling@semo.edu 
Sarah Haarmann Harrison College of Business and Computing sfhaarmann@semo.edu 
Lenell Hahn Office of Admissions lhahn@semo.edu  (573) 986-6012
Melissa Harper Student Financial Services mharper@semo.edu 
Michele Irby Campus Life and Event Services mirby@semo.edu  (573) 651-5120
Leslie Jones Music ljones@semo.edu 
Katie Krodinger New Student Programs kkrodinger@semo.edu  (573) 651-5166
Kristen LaMantia Psychology and Counseling klamantia@semo.edu 
Jim McGill Chemistry and Physics jmcgill@semo.edu 
Chelsea McNeely Southeast Online ccaile@semo.edu 
Trae Mitten Dean of Students Office lmitten@semo.edu 
Melissa Odegard Psychology and Counseling modegard@semo.edu  (612) 481-6221
Nancy Palmeri Art and Design npalmeri@semo.edu 
Dan Presson Economic & Workforce Development dpresson@semo.edu  (573) 986-6131
Craig Roberts Department of Mathematics croberts@semo.edu  (573) 651-2768
Bambi Robinson Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion brobinson@semo.edu 
Donna St. Sauver Counseling and Disability Services dstsauver@semo.edu 
Tim Schmidt Department of Music tschmidt@semo.edu 
Bruce Skinner Enrollment Management and Student Success bskinner@semo.edu 
Kendra Skinner Office of Residence Life ksskinner@semo.edu 
Kenn Stilson Conservatory of Theatre and Dance kstilson@semo.edu 
Karl Suhr Department of Information Services ksuhr@semo.edu  (573) 651-2266
Andrea Thompson Southeast Online Advising Center athompson@semo.edu  (573) 651-2766
Kyle VanPool Center for Behavioral Health and Accessability lkvanpool@semo.edu  (573) 986-6191
Janice Ward Psychology and Counseling jward@semo.edu  (573) 450-6257
Sarina Webb Psychology and Counseling sawebb@semo.edu 
Roxanne Wellington Conservatory of Theatre and Dance rwellington@semo.edu 
Bart Williams Conservatory of Theatre and Dance bpwilliams@semo.edu
Allie Wisker Office of Residence Life awisker@semo.edu  (573) 651-2274
Alisha Youngblood Ortiz Department of Marketing aortiz@semo.edu  (573) 651-2908
Academic Hall 010
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS3375
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701