Southeast Missouri State University is a campus dedicated to wellness. The goal of the My Student Body (MSB) Essentials Course is to increase knowledge, decrease harmful behaviors, and provide information to help you and all our students make positive and responsible choices.

Completion of the MSB Essentials course may take up to three hours. It is possible to break this time up and complete the course in segments if you wish. 

All responses are completely confidential and will not be viewed by university personnel. The university will be notified of your course status (i.e. not started, in progress, completed) and the status date. 

Important Information about Your Health and Safety 

Alcohol and Drug Use is Strictly Prohibited 

  • Southeast is a dry campus – no alcohol is allowed in any campus buildings, including the residence halls. 
  • Possession or use of any illegal drug or use of prescription drugs without a valid prescription is illegal. 
  • Students found in violation of these policies will be fined and required to complete substance abuse prevention and education counseling. 

Avoid High-Risk Drinking Behavior 

Despite what you may think, national data shows that most college students choose to drink moderately or not at all. 

Report Incidents of Sexual Assault or Harassment 

The University encourages the reporting of all incidents of sexual assault or harassment. Deciding whether to report an incident is a personal and often difficult decision. Reporting sexual assault is often the beginning of a process by which victims regain control over their lives. Your report may also help in preventing future incidents. The following options are available to you: 

  • Report the Incident to Campus Police. Call (573) 651-2911 (24-hour reporting line) 
  • Report the Incident to Equity Initiatives: Call (573) 651-2524 


There may be times when you need to stop being an observer and act/react in some way. You have the power to protect your peers and to assist them when they are in need. Intervene when you can do so safely and notify a university official immediately. 

My Student Body Technical Requirements and Assistance 

  • You must have Adobe Flash, RealAudio, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to run or view course content. These standard browsers and plug-ins are readily available on most web-enabled computers in the U.S. 
  • International students may have difficulty accessing the site from their home countries. In this case, these students should wait until arriving on campus to complete the course. 
  • For assistance, click “Site Help” at the bottom of every screen on My Student Body to get answers to common questions or You can also contact the Dean of Students Office at (573) 651-2524 for assistance. 

Who is Required to take the Course? 

  • All incoming first year and transfer students are required to complete the MSB Essentials Course before the semester begins or before they move on campus. The course must be completed to register for a subsequent semester.  
  • You will receive an email from the Dean of Students with personalized instructions for signing into My Student Body. If you have any questions or have not received your email, please contact us at  
  • Students who join a Greek organization (fraternity or sorority) are required to complete the MSB Essentials Course before joining the organization. 
  • Students may be required by their UI100 instructors to submit a Certificate of Completion. The certificate can be printed from the MyStudentBody website. 

My Student Body Instructions 

  • Go to (Please see the email from the Dean of Students that has your username and password) 
  • Username: Type in your complete Southeast email address, (example: 
  • Password: Enter your Southeast Student ID number (Password is case sensitive, type in exactly as shown in email) 
  • Click SIGN IN (Do not click on register or you will receive an error message) 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to change your password and enter the required information. Click continue 
  • From the My Stuff page, select the Essentials Course by clicking Take Now under Status. 
  • Complete the questionnaire and pre-quiz for each of the following modules: Alcohol, Drugs, and Sexual Violence. 
  • Complete all module material. 
  • Complete the post-test. 
  • Complete the course survey. 
  • You’ll return to the My Stuff page after receiving your certificate where you’ll be free to explore other areas of the website such as the library in the Student Center or ask questions in the Advice area. 
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