Online Tutoring services

You can use the Tutorial Database to submit a request for a virtual tutorial session.

Accessing the Virtual Tutoring Link

The University Tutorial Services Virtual Tutoring link is included in your tutorial session request confirmation email. This is a live link and will direct you to the University Tutorial Services Virtual Tutoring meeting room. You will use the same link to access the Virtual Tutoring meeting room for the duration of your appointments.

Additional Information

  • Review the following resource to determine the preferred method for joining Zoom: Instructions for Joining a Zoom Meeting 
  • Using the Virtual Tutoring link, join the meeting room using the preferred method.
  • After Zoom has launched, enter your name. You are required to enter the name associated with your Southeast account. Note: If the name you choose to display is not associated with any sessions for the hour, you will not be moved from the waiting room.
  • Once “Join Meeting” has been selected, choose an audio conference option. This will allow you to hear what is discussed in the meeting room.
  • Once in the meeting, you will be routed to the waiting room and you will be in queue until your Learning Assistant arrives. Note: While in the Waiting Room, you can interact with the host using the buttons. 

The breakout room has many features available for use: 

  • Join Audio – Hear what is discussed in the room  
  • Start Video – Display video in the breakout room. Only utilize this option if the Learning Assistant requests the webcam to be enabled.  
  • Participants – See who is in the room  
  • Share Screen – Share screen with everyone in the room. Only utilize this option if the Learning Assistant requests the screen to be shared.  
  • Chat – Interact with others in the breakout room via chat. 
  • Ask for Help – Invite the host to the breakout room for assistance.  
  • Reactions – Send a “thumbs up” or “waving hand” to the room. 

Once your tutorial session has concluded, you must checkout with the Zoom host or cohost. To complete this task, you must first exit the breakout room. This can be accomplished by selecting Leave Breakout Room and selecting the Leave Breakout Room Option.

You will then be routed to the main room. Using the chat feature, let the host and cohost know you are leaving.

While virtual tutoring is different than in-person tutorial sessions, it is a key resource available to you as a Southeast student. To get the most from this experience:  

  • Review the Zoom system requirements prior to accessing the Virtual Tutoring room.
  • Install the most up-to-date version of Zoom.
  • Practice accessing Zoom prior to logging in for your tutorial session to resolve any technical issues in advance.
  • Prepare in advance by identifying concepts where you need support.
  • University Tutorial Services adheres to Southeast’s Academic Honesty policies.
  • Remember that as with any technology, there may be unforeseeable technical difficulties. If this happens, feel free to exit the breakout room and request re-entry.
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