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Faculty Sponsor Information

Role of Faculty Sponsor

At a minimum, faculty sponsors are expected to read the paper and verify that the research submitted was conducted at Southeast Missouri State University, that it is properly formatted, is appropriately written, represents B or A grade work, and is primarily the work of, and will be presented by, the student(s).

In addition, faculty sponsors should be sure that their students know how to present a paper or poster in a professional manner, and should take care that the presented research balances professionalism for the particular discipline with presentation to a varied audience. The student(s) should practice before the sponsor prior to their presentation day to ensure these requirements:

  • Faculty sponsors who are working with students may be included as co-authors, but not co-presenters.
  • Faculty sponsors should be sure that their students understand the importance of arriving on time at the beginning of their scheduled session.

Students are expected to stay for the entire session during which their project, and 2-3 other student projects, will be presented. Sessions are 50-75 minutes time slots that correspond to normally scheduled class times.


Dr. Joseph M. Snyder, SRC Coordinator

Student Research Conference
One University Plaza, MS 4575
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