The Department of Social Work views ongoing student advising as an essential component of a professional program. Therefore, all full-time faculty members have advising responsibilities as part of their workload. Students are assigned a social work faculty advisor by the Department as soon as they declare the social work major (pre-major status). In addition to helping students monitor their progress towards the fulfillment of University and Department graduation requirements, the role of the academic advisor is to assist students in evaluating their aptitude for the social work profession and to assist in their growth as competent, ethical, beginning generalist social workers. To facilitate effective advising, students admitted to the Social Work Program sign an academic contract which gives the advisor the responsibility of monitoring and informing them of their academic, personal, and professional progress, their compliance with department and professional standards, and their retention as a social work major.

The responsibilities of faculty advisors are to:

  1. Engage students in a process of evaluating their aptitude and motivation for a career in social work;
  2. Engage students in a process of evaluating their performance in the total educational program;
  3. Assist students in selecting courses and developing an academic plan;
  4. Review the student's Portfolio Standardized Assignments and discuss their assessed performance associated with expected program benchmarks;
  5. Refer students with academic or personal problems to appropriate resources within the University and community, e.g., tutorial, medical, psychological, financial, housing, child care, etc.

Prior to registration each semester, students must meet with their advisor to plan class schedules and obtain approval to enroll in courses. Following this pre-registration advisement, the faculty advisor will give students their designated personal identification number (PIN) used in the University's computerized advising system and the student can complete their registration. If students wish to drop or add a course after advisement, they are expected to inform their advisor. This provides advisors an opportunity to assist students in fully evaluating the decision to drop or add a course. Students are responsible for utilizing advising time to their advantage by being prepared for all appointments, which includes bringing a Degree Audit.

Frequent contact is encouraged between advisors and students to receive maximum benefit from the advising process. Students are strongly encouraged to see their advisors when they experience difficulties in adjusting to the University system, encounter academic problems, or are confused about University or Department policies and procedures.

Student Responsibilities for Advising

Although the Department of Social Work is committed to providing quality academic advising to each social work major; students are solely responsible for the satisfactory completion of all Department and University degree requirements. Each social work major is responsible for:

  1. Planning your course schedule every semester to ensure progress toward graduation. The faculty advisor will assist and guide you in this process.
  2. Knowing and meeting all graduation requirements stated in the Southeast Missouri State University Undergraduate Bulletin, Social Work Program Handbook and the Department's web site.
  3. Participating in pre-registration advising every semester.
  4. Informing your advisor if you wish to drop or add a course after advisement.
  5. Meeting with your faculty advisor every semester to review the Portfolio of Standardized Course Assignments and discuss assessed performance associated with expected program benchmarks.
  6. Maintaining a current mailing address and phone number in the Department of Social Work and responding promptly to all communications from the Department or University.
  7. Being prepared for all advising appointments.


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