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Social Work Major

The social work major is a 57 hour professional degree that competently prepares students for entry level practice in professional social work or to enter graduate social work education. It is strongly focused on the acquisition of social work values, skills, and knowledge with emphasis on social justice and diversity. It does not require a minor to satisfy university graduation policy. The social work program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and, upon graduation from the program, affords the student advanced standing in numerous social work graduate programs throughout the US.

The major is taught by a concerned, student-focused faculty who have considerable experience in both practice and social work education. The faculty are highly involved with students in both advising and in the educational process. Students choosing the major can expect to receive considerable personal mentoring and guidance by faculty.

Students choosing to engage in this major can also expect to experience considerable personal growth and development as well as acquiring a broad range of social work knowledge and societal awareness. Multiple opportunities abound for students to express their passion and individuality from participation in the Social Work Club to faculty sponsored “hands on” community experiences.

Social Work Minor

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Goals--

    The social work minor provides students an opportunity to gain an understanding of complex social problems and how social workers functions as change agents to promote social and economic well-being.

  2. Objectives--
    1. To acquire knowledge of some of the basic programs, policies, and populations served by the Social Welfare System
    2. To become acquainted with the major settings in which the Social Welfare Services are provided.
    3. To gain an awareness of how society's Social Welfare efforts are related to that society's history, politics, economy, and values.
    4. To acquire knowledge of the major social work values, ethics, and theories.

Competencies, Knowledge, or Skills to Be Achieved:

  1. To develop a beginning ability to assess one's own values in relation to specified social needs and problems.
  2. To develop a beginning skill for assessing one's own interests and competencies in making career choices.
  3. To develop knowledge and skills needed to effectively transmit well thought out ideas regarding the nature of social welfare institutions, policies, and programs in both written and oral forms.
  4. To develop interests in developing knowledge and skills needed for engaging in constructive social change.

Structure of the Social Worker Minor:

  1. Core Courses Credit Hours
    SW-110 Introduction of Social Work 3
    SW-201 Social and Economic Justice 3
    SW-205 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy 3
  2. Electives (Choose 2 Social Work Electives from List Below) Credit Hours
    SW-351 Child Welfare 3
    SW-352 Social Work with the Aged 3
    SW-353 Child Development 3
    SW-354 Crisis Intervention 3
    SW-355 Special Topics in Social Work 3
    SW-356 Social Work in Mental Health 3
    SW-389 Independent Study in Social Work 3
    HS-301 Found Child Maltreat & Advoc 3
    HS-401 Child Advoc II-Prof & Sys Resp 3
    HS-402 Child Adv III-Rspd Srvr Cd Abus 3
    Total Credit Hours - 6


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