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Goals & Objectives

The pre-service teacher will develop a knowledge base in history and the social sciences (including the impact of science and technology on society) and demonstrate familiarity with the content areas of the social studies by contributing to class discussions and appropriately selecting content in teaching experiences and in specified writing assignments.

Linking Theory to Practice: The Pre-Service Teacher Will...

  • Be able to clearly state goals and purposes for teaching in general, for the social studies in particular, and for specific units of instruction in the social studies. The pre-service teacher should further be able to fit these goals into a framework integrating materials and methods in the social studies which will be demonstrated by successful completion of a Teacher Work Sample.
  • Develop a familiarity with the materials (including computer software programs and the internet) available in the social studies and be able to select materials appropriate to the needs of students (including “at risk” students) and to the stated goals of a teaching experience.
  • Demonstrate skill in the use of educational technology by utilization of computer applications (such as classroom presentations, simulations, or databases) video equipment (including taping classroom presentations), overhead projectors, etc. in campus and field experience settings.
  • Successfully demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions for teaching as defined by the Missouri Standards for Teacher Education Programs and the National Council for the Social Studies and be able to document the degree to which middle and secondary students have learned from your teaching.

Critical Thinking: The Pre-Service Teacher Will...

  • Develop a variety of teaching methods appropriate to the content, age, and ability level of students, and materials consistent with stated goals and will demonstrate mastery of these objectives by teaching specified lessons in the clinical setting.
  • Demonstrate skill in evaluation of student performance by assessing student performance in teaching experiences and in simulated classroom experiences by using a spreadsheet program to record and analyze student grades and by completing the assessment activities required in the Teacher Work Sample.
  • Demonstrate self-evaluation skills through assessment of performance in the participation experiences in the clinical setting, including videotaped lessons and in reflections and analysis in the Teacher Work Sample.

Communication Skills: The Pre-Service Teacher Will...

  • Learn how to read, critically evaluate, interpret and discuss primary and secondary sources and other materials appropriate to the university classroom and to the secondary classroom.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate both orally and in writing with their peers and with students, colleagues, and parents in the clinical setting.

Research Skills: The Pre-service Teacher Will...

  • Demonstrate ability to locate and gather information by developing skills in historical research, including the use of Internet resources, computer databases, secondary and primary sources, and local records. Also, by identifying or using appropriate materials in lessons created and taught.
  • Develop a familiarity with pertinent research within the social studies.
  • Acquire a familiarity with the concept of historiography, including a sense of changing historical interpretations and an understanding of various approaches to historical explanation, as a model for understanding the methodology of the disciplines represented in the social studies.

Post-Graduate Success: The Pre-Service Teacher Will...

  • Be able to begin their careers or to pursue Graduate studies.

Although this list may seem overwhelming now, by the time you finish the program they will all have been achieved. To insure this transition, your advisors will help you chart your progress in meeting these objectives. Most will be achieved through the completion of your course requirements and in the clinical setting while others will require efforts outside the planned curriculum.

All teachers must meet DESE teacher standards


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