Southeast - Sikeston Makes College Possible

Southeast Missouri State University - Sikeston offers an affordable and convenient opportunity for anyone to benefit from a college education. Watch the clips below to see how you can experience success by making Southeast your first choice.

A College Experience

By attending a regional campus of Southeast Missouri State University, you have access to a variety of fully accredited programs and professional faculty. Professors are academically rigorous and have a commitment to student success so students at  Southeast - Sikeston can be sure they are receiving an education that will equip them to achieve their goals.

More than that, students at Southeast - Sikeston can share the benefits of learning in their own community and develop the close relationships with other students and faculty that are the core of the college experience. Southeast - Sikeston, along with Southeast's other regional campuses, makes it possible for students to have easy and local access to all the opportunities college can offer without requiring long commutes or a high cost-of-living.


National Reputation, Local Convenience

Getting a quality education is now more important than ever, but moving or traveling to another city to attend college can be impossible for anyone who has to help provide for their family. Southeast's regional campus at Sikeston brings the opportunity to local students and gives them convenient access to scholastic programs that have been nationally recognized and accredited.

With programs designed to help students with busy lives learn and succeed, Southeast - Sikeston is committed to providing a convenient way to help students achieve their goals.


Sikeston Regional Campus
2401 N. Main St.
Sikeston, Missouri 63801

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
8am - Noon