Education Benefits & Drill Pay

Funding your higher education at Southeast Missouri State University has never been easier. By serving in the Missouri Army National Guard you’ll gain access to some of the best education benefits available. The National Guard supports your civilian educational dreams and goals by helping you pay your tuition. The Missouri National Guard is committed to investing in the education of its future leaders. This has led to the creation of unprecedented policies to ensure that Officer Candidates are non-deployable while attending Southeast Missouri State University and serving as future Officers in the Missouri National Guard.

Tuition Assistance pays up to 100% of the cost of tuition Back to Top

Tuition Assistance may pay up to 100% of your tuition costs at Southeast Missouri State University. Over the course of 4 years (150 credit hours for a BS) this benefit could total over $41,000.

The Missouri State Tuition Assistance Program was established in 1998 by Missouri House Bills 1519 & 1165, section 173.239. State Tuition Assistance pays up to 100% of the cost of Missouri in-state schooling (150 credit hours). Soldiers who meet the one year requirement after completion of AIT, BOLC, or OCS are eligible to receive Federal Tuition Assistance.

Montgomery GI Bill up to $362 a month Back to Top

Earn a monthly expense allowance of up to $362—totaling over $13,000 in a four-year period. And if you qualify for the Army National Guard Kicker, you’ll earn even more. Best of all, this money is sent directly to you (not to your school) to spend on books, supplies—anything you want.

  • Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR), Chapter 1606
    • An education assistance program for individuals serving in the Selected Reserve—including the National Guard and other Reserve forces.
  • Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP), Chapter 1607
    • An education assistance program for individuals serving in the Selected Reserve—including the National Guard and other Reserve forces.
  • Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty (MGIB-AD), Chapter 30
    • Provides education assistance to eligible service members who have served a sufficient period of Active Duty on or after July 1, 1985.
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill, Chapter 33
    • For Soldiers with at least 90 days of Active Duty service on or after September 11, 2001, the Post-9/11 GI Bill can cover up to 100 percent of your tuition, depending on the length of time you’ve served. You may also be eligible for a housing allowance and a stipend for books and supplies, and your benefits may be transferable to your dependents. You’ll also find information about the Yellow Ribbon Program, which can help pay higher private school, graduate school or out-of-state tuitions.

Army National Guard Kicker up to $350 a month Back to Top

A supplement to the Montgomery GI Bill that pays up to $350 per month for living expenses—up to $12,600 over 36 months—on top of your GI Bill benefits, for recruits and Soldiers in critical military jobs and units. This money is sent directly to you.

Military Room/Board Scholarship $1,500 per semester Back to Top

Show-Me GOLD participants are eligible to receive up to $3000 a year to help pay for on campus housing.  This scholarship awards up to $1500 per semester! 

Student Loan Repayment up to $50,000 Back to Top

Imagine leaving college debt free. Enlisting in the Guard and the Show-Me GOLD program allows Uncle Sam to handle your educational debt while you protect the nation. The National Guard values higher education and offers many types of assistance to help you stay on track while you serve. The Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) is available to Soldiers and officer candidates (09S) who have one or more qualifying and disbursed Title IV federal loan(s).

Monthly Drill Pay up to $202.16 Back to Top

While participating in the program, you will perform your drill duties at the university and have weekends for yourself ($200+ monthly). Pay is based on rank and time in service. (E1 < 1 year service) (Calculate)

Annual Training Pay up to $758.10 Back to Top

Members of the National Guard are required to perform a minimum of 15 days of annual training per year. Guard members receive 1/30th of active duty base pay for each day of annual training. Show-Me GOLD participants conduct AT (Annual Training) in May. This two-week period is a culminating event that allows students to utilize the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the semester. During this time Officer Candidates are evaluated on their leadership abilities and their proficiency at using the 8 steps of the Troop Leading Procedures to accomplish a variety of tasks. (E1 < 1 year service) (Calculate)

Additional Benefits Back to Top

Most Soldiers serve because they want to give back to their country. Then they find out that being part of the National Guard comes with other rewards. Beyond earning additional pay and getting help with their education costs, Soldiers and Veterans—and their families—enjoy additional benefits, such as inexpensive healthcare, low-cost life insurance, and retirement benefits.

Paid Job and Skills Training Back to Top

Learn a military occupation that will translate into a great civilian career. Our paid job training will make sure you are financially sound. Earn up to $2,000 a month while in initial training, $1,500 a summer for annual training and $2,800 a month while in Officer Candidate School.

Health Insurance Back to Top

TRICARE Reserve Select is a premium-based plan available worldwide for qualified National Guard Members and their families. Individual plans cost only $50.75 per month and family plans cost $205.62. TRICARE Reserve Select offers affordable healthcare coverage at ½ to 1/3 of the price of civilian job healthcare plans.

Life Insurance Back to Top

Low-cost life insurance plans are available for Guard members and their families. For Guard members, there's the Service members' Group Life Insurance (SGLI), which provides coverage 24/7.

  • Soldiers are eligible for $400,000 of insurance.
  • Smaller amounts of coverage are available.
  • Coverage is available through age 60, upon receipt of your first retirement check or 120 days after a Soldier's ETS (Expiration of Term of Service).

Family members are eligible for Family Service members' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI), available to spouses and dependent children of Guard members insured under SGLI.

  • FSGLI provides up to a maximum of $100,000 of insurance coverage for spouses (not to exceed the SGLI amount of the insured member).
  • Family coverage provides $10,000 for dependent children.
  • Spousal coverage is issued in increments of $10,000. Coverage costs vary.

Retirement Back to Top

You probably won't be thinking about retirement for many years, but think about this: The Guard can continue to pay you every month if you have 20 years’ service while serving in the Guard by age 60 (including service in other branches). And considering that retirement will probably mean time to travel, play or even start a second business, financial security would be a nice part of your plan.


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