COVID-19 Information

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Stay Informed

Southeast's Emergency Response Team operating under its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is dedicated to making sure our campus is prepared for everyone to return to campus this summer and for the fall 2020 semester. If you have questions, contact a task force member or email

Emergency Response Team

Member Title Email
Carlos Vargas President
Kathy Mangels VP for Finance and Administration
Brad Sheriff VP for Finance and Administration
Brady Barke Director of Athletics
Debbie Below VP for Enrollment Management and Student Success
Floyd Davenport Associate VP for Information Technology
Autumn Gentry Safety Specialist
Beth Glaus Director of Public Safety
Mike Godard Provost
Jeremy Gray Emergency Management Director
Laura Hatcher Faculty Senate
Doug Koch Associate Provost
Trudy Lee VP of University Advancement and Executive Director of the Foundation
Chris Martin Chief of Staff
Angela Meyer Director of Facilities Management
Michelle Queiser Communications Specialist
Sonia Rucker Vice President for Equity, Access and Behavioral Health, Dean of Students
Bruce Skinner Associate Vice President for Student Life
Kendra Skinner Director of Residence Life
Alissa Davis Director of Human Resources
Tonya Wells Director of University Marketing

EOC Subcommittees

Campus Signage Committee

Member Department Email
Tonya Wells, Chair University Marketing
Jeremy Gray Emergency Management
Michelle Queiser University Communications
Krista Mayfield University Marketing
Brooke Clubbs Communication Studies

Campus Guidelines for Return from Teleworking

Member Department Email
Beth Glaus, Chair Public Safety
Alissa Davis Human Resources
Jeremy Gray Emergency Management
Trae Mitten Dean of Students/Equity
Mike Godard Provost
Debbie Below Enrollment Mgmt and Student Success

Classroom Safety Procedures

Member Department Email
Doug Koch, Chair Vice Provost
Angela Meyer Facilities Management
John Kraemer Biology/Environmental Analysis
Sonia Rucker Dean of Students
Rhonda Weller-Stilson Holland College Arts and Media
Toni Alexander History and Anthropology
Mike Biros IT User Services

Communications Subcommittee

Member Department Email
Debbie Below, Co-Chair Enrollment Mgmt and Student Success
Tonya Wells, Co-Chair University Marketing
Michelle Queiser University Communications
Chris Martin Chief of Staff
Jeff Honza Athletics

Residence Hall Safety Procedures

Member Department Email
Bruce Skinner, Chair Auxiliary Services
Beth Glaus Public Safety
Kendra Skinner Residence Life
Andy Tinney Facilities Management
Autumn Gentry Risk Management
Kevin Timlin International Education Services
TBD Chartwells  

Event/Mass Gathering Safety Procedures

Member Department Email
Brady Barke, Chair Athletics
Wil Gorman Show Me Center
Chris Martin President's Office
Trudy Lee Advancement
Lenell Hahn Admissions
Mike Buck SRC/Aquatic Center
Brent Pfeiffer Facilities Management
Kenn Stilson Holland College Arts and Media
Jeremy Gray Emergency Management

Virtual Engagement Events Fall 2020

Member Department Email
Michelle Irby, Chair Campus Life
Kendra Skinner Residence Life
Floyd Davenport Information Technology
Tonya Wells University Marketing
Josh Russell University Marketing
Trudy Lee Foundation
George Gasser Foundation
Mike Godard Provost
Nate Saverino Athletics
Joanna Shaver Campus Life
Gretchen Grojean Campus Life
Tiffany Comfort Campus Life
Brooke DeArman International Education Services
Jim Dufek Mass Media
Michelle Queiser University Communications


Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 7275
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701