Consequences of High-Risk Drinking

After many years of working at Southeast, here are some of the real-time consequences that Southeast students have encountered in response to high-risk drinking:

  • Weight gain/beer belly so my belly button ring looks stupid/embarrassed to show it off!
  • Couldn't track doctoral, scientific research; the data kept getting entered into the wrong columns
  • Got separated from the team since performance wasn't strong enough; sat on bench too much & didn't improve since freshman year !
  • Afraid of losing control at the frats and getting date raped !
  • Against religious beliefs ! ( I heard this from a Baptist, Christian Scientist, and Muslim)
  • I had a friend fail out of school due to of pledging a fraternity and drinking all of the time.
  • My girlfriend had alcohol poisoning and missed her brother's college graduation because of it.
  • Another friend was taken to the hospital instead of her college graduation, where her parents were meeting her...the parents had to be paged (at the Civic Center) and informed that she was in the hospital with alcohol poisoning....she was a pre-med student.
  • The same person got a DUI a few months previous to graduation.
  • Beer goggles. No need to say more.
  • I think it is common for college women to be coerced into sexual contact due to drunkenness, either on her or his part. Recently (near St. Patrick's) I had to physically force a girlfriend into my car so that she wouldn't go home with a complete stranger. She had met him that day...he was the bartender, he was sober, and he tried to manipulate her into coming home with him. (I reported him to the manager.) As for the same woman, she tends to become angry when intoxicated, and it is usually directed at me. She has said some pretty nasty things to me, which has brought me to the brink of ending the relationship of 10 years. Right now, we are still holding on, provided she is getting help to deal with her problems.
  • My other girlfriend has been engaged to a man from Ireland since October. She has not set the late yet, since she is not sure he is right for her...see, he prefers to spend time in the local pub instead of with her. He claims it is "just a culture thing", since it is the norm for life in Dublin. She disagrees and has thrown him out of the apartment several times. As for him, as a result of his drinking, I see in him: very low self-esteem, low motivation, since he seems to think he has no chance of success, boredom, some self-loathing, and confusion about what he wants from life.
  • When I slowed down my drinking, I lost about 15 pounds without effort.
  • As for drug use: friends smoked marijuana and became never know if it is laced with something stronger.



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