Specialty Trainings

Workshops for All Educators (General & Special Education)

These workshops are designed for all educators: both general and special educators are invited to attend these trainings. 

April 16-17 IEP Facilitator Training: Cape Girardeau - Registration Closes March 31
April 18 Quality Health and Physical Education (MOAHPERD) - Canceled
April 23 April Compliance Connection: North St. Francois County
April 24 April Compliance Connection: Kennett
April 30 April Compliance Connection: Poplar Bluff
April 30 The Skills That Matter
May 1 CMT: Chaos Made Tranquil (Effective Strategies for Successful Classroom Management) - Session 3 - Canceled
May 3 SE Missouri Teacher Academy - Meeting 6
May 16 Reaching and Teaching Students with Dyslexia -- Part III
May 20 Speech-Language Eligibility Changes
May 20 Speech Implementer Training
May 22 Understanding Your ACCESS Data
July 25 EdTech Academy: A Next Generation Teaching & Learning Conference
August 2 Para Educator Training
August 27 LETRS, Cohort I, Session 1 (Southeast RPDC Location)
August 28 Experienced MAP-A
September 6 Experienced MAP-A - NORTH COUNTY PRIMARY
September 11 LETRS, Cohort II, Session 1 (Southeast RPDC Location)
September 11 NEW to MAP-A
September 12 Teamwork in the IEP Journey - Three Part Series - Meeting #1
September 17 Level 2--Trauma Invested Schools--A CULTURE OF SAFETY AND THE NEW 3 Rs
September 20 Experienced MAP-A - POPLAR BLUFF
October 8 LETRS, Cohort I, Session 2 (Southeast RPDC Location)
November 13 LETRS, Cohort II, Session 2 (Southeast RPDC Location)
November 21 Level 3--Trauma Invested--Understanding Ourselves; Understanding Others
December 10 Teamwork in the IEP Journey - Three Part Series - Meeting #2
December 11 LETRS, Cohort I, Session 3 (Southeast RPDC Location)
January 22 LETRS, Cohort II, Session 3 (Southeast RPDC Location)
February 19 LETRS, Cohort I, Session 4 (Southeast RPDC Location)
February 26 Teamwork in the IEP Journey - Three Part Series - Meeting #3
March 25 LETRS, Cohort II, Session 4 (Southeast RPDC Location)

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