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Welcome to the Southeast Missouri Regional Professional Development Center (Southeast RPDC). This center is located on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. As a state-wide system, the mission of the RPDCs is to build the capacity of educators through high quality professional learning to maximize student success. Our mission is to improve student achievement for all students in Southeast Missouri by providing appropriate and timely professional development to school communities in our service area. 

RPDC Inclement Weather Workshop Cancellation Policy:
In case of inclement weather, the Southeast RPDC will cancel workshops if Cape Girardeau 63 Public School District or the Cape Girardeau campus of Southeast Missouri State University is closed.

EdTech Academy

EdTech Academy

A Next Generation Teaching & Learning Conference

July 25, 2019


Working on MO Learning Standards and Testing

This is an opportunity for teachers to be involved in working on various aspects of Content Area testing – ELA, math, science, social studies. Fill out the form on survey monkey and if chosen, you will be notified.

Workshops by Month

March  MLDS Emerging Level - Year 2 - Learning Lab
March 18 SW-PBS Tier 3 Advanced - Session 4
March 19 MLDS Emerging Level - Year 1 - Learning Lab
March 19 March Compliance Connection: North St. Francois County - Canceled
March 19 PLC Administrators Training
March 19 Overview of Dyslexia: PD Option for K-6
March 19 Overview of Dyslexia: PD Option for 7-12
March 20 March Compliance Connection: Kennett - Canceled
March 20 Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) 1st Year Teachers - ELEMENTARY (Meeting 3 of 3)
March 20 Advanced Teacher Academy Regional Meeting #4
March 21 MO SW-PBS Tier 2 Advanced - Session 4 (Option 3 - CW-FIT, Positive Peer Reporting, Tootling/Work Day)
March 21 March Compliance Connection: Poplar Bluff - Canceled
March 21 MMD/MLDS Leadership Session 3 of 3
March 22 Social Studies Collaborative - Meeting 4 of 4
March 25 Actively Integrating New Missouri Standards in Life Science for the 6-8 Classroom - Canceled
March 26 Professional Development Committee Training (for PDC Chairs and Administrators) 2nd Offering
March 26 Personal Finance and the New Standards
March 27 Transition Academy: Charting the Course of the Future Meeting 3 of 3
March 27 Working with Students with Autism in the Schools - Meeting 3 of 4
March 27 WISC-V: Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation DAY 1
March 27 Reteaching and Teaching Students with Dyslexia -- Part II
March 28 Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) 1st Year Teachers - SECONDARY (Meeting 3 of 3)
March 28 Working with Students with Autism in the Schools - Meeting 4 of 4
March 28 WISC-V: Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation DAY 2
March 29 ELA-Developing Writing Prompts and Collaborative Scoring Meeting 4 of 4
March 5, 2020 Literacy Collaborative Group

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