Laboratory Safety

Laboratories are unique work environments with multiple hazards associated. Hazardous chemicals are used in nearly every research laboratory. Other common laboratory hazards include radiological materials, lasers, biological agents, and physical hazards. Laboratory safety has traditionally been synonymous with chemical safety; however, to achieve true laboratory safety all hazards must be considered.

The University has the responsibility of ensuring that students are well informed on the physical and chemical hazards of laboratory work. Prior to initiating any laboratory work, students are advised of health hazards and appropriate safety measures by the University’s faculty and staff. Students are also encouraged to read and follow safety guidance contained in the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP).


Faculty, Graduate Students, and Laboratory Assistants are required to attend General Laboratory Safety Training. Specific Laboratory Safety Training for the individual lab is provided by the responsible faculty member.

Lab Safety Documents

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Waste Management Plan

Bloodborne Pathogens Plan


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