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Focus Areas & Liability Release Forms


Activities and situations that may place the university at risk are referred to the Risk Management Department for review. Common liability related issues include affiliation agreements for internships and liability-release waivers for on and off-campus student activities. A Guide to University Insured Activities provides information on insurance for the university staff.

When unusual activities are entered into which could possibly subject an employee or agent of the University to liability, it is in the best interest of the University to obtain a release from the participants. The Department of Risk Management manages the University's automobile and property insurance policies and handles claims regarding those areas.

Examples of University Sponsored-Activities That Would Require Liability Release Waivers:

  • White-water rafting trip to Colorado.
  • Spelunking field trip to Perry County.
  • Participation in the Soccer club.
  • Intramural Weight Lifting Tournament.

Examples of Activities That Would Not Require Liability Release Waivers:

  • Typical activities that are considered mandatory for completion of a course for credit. This would include geology field trips, botany or ecology field trips, and student teaching assignments.
  • Work activities for employees.
  • University-sponsored trips to Powell Hall to attend the symphony, or trips to Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals play baseball.

Release Forms

University faculty and staff are encouraged to review planned activities that could place them at risk for liability, and utilize the following liability release forms as necessary:

Safety and the Environment

The Department of Risk Management manages the Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH) program. We assist the University in its teaching, research and public service mission by promoting a safe and healthful environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. Our department provides environmental, health and safety services to the University community through technical and regulatory compliance assistance, information and training programs, consulting services and periodic auditing of environmental, health and safety practices.


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Environmental Health and Safety
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