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Student Organizations

How to Start an Organization

Student Organization Registration Process: All student organizations, both new and returning, must register with Campus Life & Events Services each academic year.

If applying to be a registered student organization, please note the following steps:

  1. Attend a student organization information session;
  2. Log into SE Link on the student portal;
  3. Click on the Organizations button on the toolbar and then at the bottom of the page click Register An Organization and then click at the bottom of the page to register a New Organization,
  4. Submit the completed online registration form which includes a copy of the organization’s constitution;
    1. To aid you while completing the registration form, a listing of student organization classifications are available on the next page. A constitution template and sample constitutions are available in the Resource section of the Student Organization website,
  5. All registration applications will be screened by the Campus Life & Event Services staff or designee for completeness of information and minimum standards specifications;
    1. Approved files will then be forwarded to Student Government for recognition;
    2. An official email confirming or denying recognition will be sent to the organization upon the completion of their review. If denied recognition, the email will outline reasons for the decision. Recognition by Student Government will be approved unless it is found that the organization: submitted incomplete “paperwork”; seeks to accomplish objectives, goals, and/or activities through violence, discrimination, etc.; engages in activities that interfere with discipline and normal activities of the University or the rights of others; seeks personal gain; engages in activities that present danger to property, personnel, and/or functions of the University; closely duplicated the mission of a previously established registered organization; or, does not meet registered student organization criteria as described on the previous page.
  6. Recognition and its associated privileges may be removed at any time for failing to meet the minimum standards established by Student Government and Southeast Missouri State University.

Registered Student Organization Criteria: The student organization registration process and recognition requirements are dictated by Student Government By-Laws Section 409.04 No. 01. To read the official by-law body, please the Student Government website, The following criteria must be true of each student organization to register with Southeast Missouri State University.

  1. The organization must consist of no fewer than five members who are current students at Southeast Missouri State University, in good academic and disciplinary standing, and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  2. Student organizations may not grant voting membership to community members, parents, or alumni. Only honorary membership is allowed for non-student members.
  3. Membership and all membership privileges, including voting and officer positions, must be extended to all students without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or physical or mental handicap. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1971, Section 106.14 makes an exception for social fraternities and sororities in regard to gender for membership criteria.
  4. The organization must have a constitution, which is in accordance with the University’s rules, Student Code of Conduct, as well as the Student Constitution of Southeast Missouri State University.
    1. Constitutions will be reviewed by a Campus Life & Events Services staff member for compliance with the rules. A constitution template and sample constitutions are available in the Resource section of the Student Organization website,
    2. The student organization constitution must contain an anti-hazing statement. A sample is included in the constitution template available in the Resource section of the Student Organization website,
  5. The organization must identify a faculty, staff, or graduate assistant advisor employed by Southeast Missouri State University. The advisor should be available to consult with the student organization when needed.
  6. Each organization must have an executive officer (i.e. president, chair, etc.) and an administrative officer (i.e. secretary, treasurer, etc.) These officers must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university. All officers must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA (student in good standing).
  7. Members must maintain active participation in the organization.
  8. All sports oriented organizations must first be approved by the Club Sports Council to receive recognition by Student Government.

Anti-Hazing Policy

 The University’s policy on hazing can be found on Section 5 in the Student Code of Conduct

Food & Beverage Policy

Snacks at Meetings: Registered student organizations may bring their own snacks to meetings. Only these items may be brought to any meeting:

  • Home-baked snacks (e.g. pastries, cookies, cakes, etc.)
  • Purchased packaged snacks (e.g. pretzels, potato chips, dip, cheese, crackers, candy, etc.)
  • Beverages (including sodas, punch, iced tea, etc.)

Beyond these, exceptions can be made for other food items, if approved in advance by Campus Life & Event Services, University Center 414, MS 1200, (573) 651-2280, A “Request for Exception to Catering Exclusivity” form must be filed with Campus Life & Event Services at least 10 days in advance.

This form is available in the Resource section of the Student Organization website, Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

Meal items such as pizza or sandwiches are typically not approved as they can be provided by Chartwells Dining Services. Campus Life & Event Services will provide a table for refreshments and snacks if requested in advance.

Although Campus Life & Event Services can provide a table for refreshments and snacks, all registered student organizations are responsible for supplying eating utensils, ice, cups, linens, etc.

All registered student organizations are responsible for clean-up of the space used (e.g. removing all food and beverages brought in). If food and set-up are removed by University Center or other University personnel, appropriate costs, at a minimum of $10.00, will be charged to the registered organization. This clean-up cost must be paid prior to any further use of campus facilities.

All registered student organizations are expected to return the space used to its original condition following use.


Student Government Funding Board: is designed to financially assist organizations with programs, events, activities, special projects, and educational activities. Student Government (SG) seeks to fund activities which are of potential benefit to the entire student body. Funding Criteria and Guidelines:

  1. The organization seeking funding must register with SG.
  2. A representative from the organization must attend a funding informational meeting or schedule a meeting with the SG Treasurer.
  3. The organization will need to turn in a funding proposal to the Administrative Assistant in Campus Life, University Center 414, by the published deadline. At this time, the organization must also schedule a time to meet with the Funding Board.
  4. Present program, budget request, and line items to Funding Board during scheduled time.
  5. Immediately following the Funding Board hearing, the organization will be notified whether or not their proposal was approved.
  6. Funding request will then go before the SG Senate for final approval. A representative from the organization must be present at the meeting.
  7. Organizations will be notified of the final allocation within two weeks. Upon receipt of this notification organizations must schedule a meeting with the Business and Enrollment Analyst for Campus Life.
  8. Attend scheduled meeting with the Business and Enrollment Analyst for Campus Life to disperse spending of allocated funds.
  9. After the programming event, a representative must meet with the Business Analyst to close out the program budget. At this time it will be determined whether or not all allocated funds were used. Any unused funds will be made available for other organizations.

If a student organization incurs expenses that were not approved by SG Funding Board, the organization must cover the costs.  For information on the dates of Funding Board informational meetings, funding proposal deadlines, and hearings, please visit the Student Government website,

For more information, please contact the Business and Enrollment Analyst, University Center 414, MS 1200, or call (573) 651-2280,

For more information, please contact the Business and Enrollment Analyst, University Center 414, or call (573) 651-2280.

Dollars for Innovative Campus Events (D.I.C.E) Funding:
D.I.C.E.  is one funding source for any student or student organization hosting programs over the weekend. The program funds events that are planned to directly enhance the co-curricular experience at Southeast Missouri State University.


Many student organizations have big plans and excellent ideas for programs or services. However, few organizations have the finances to make these plans real. Fundraising is a great alternative to charging members higher dues. Fundraising events can be fun for all involved if they are planned properly. It is important to make the fundraising project a group effort and to get as many people involved as possible. Not only will you have more help to accomplish your goals, but you will also get more people interested in giving money. The key to being successful in fundraising is to be creative and to keep your goal in mind. Members of your organization will not get excited or interested in your fundraising efforts if they do not know where the money will go. In addition, members of the community will not give unless there is a good cause. Make sure the reason you are raising money is a legitimate cause and let everyone know why you are raising funds.

If your organization is considering planning a fundraiser, contact the Coordinator for Campus Programming, University Center 414, MS 1200, (573) 651-2280,

Guidelines for Use of Amplified Sound

To maintain the academic environment at the university, the use of amplified sound equipment in open areas must be approved by the Campus Life & Event Services Office.

Amplified sound is defined as any form of equipment (i.e., microphone, speakers, amplifiers, bullhorns, musical instruments) used to increase sound levels or any object that does not require equipment to project its sound. In some cases, large group singing is also considered amplified sound. Events involving high sound levels may not be scheduled during regular classroom instruction if the possibility of interference exists. Any recognized student organization or university department may reserve one of the designated open spaces for sound amplification.

The use of outdoor areas for amplified events is limited by the nature of the given area and the probability of interference with official university functions. In general, moderate amplification, not more than 65 decibels, is allowed at Stroup Fountain Plaza (in front of Kent Library) from noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesdays (Common Hour). A sound check will be permitted from 11:50 a.m. to noon. All other requests for amplified sounds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Campus Life & Event Services Office. All outdoor venues and events outside of the Wednesday Common Hour period will be considered for approval by the Campus Life & Event Services Office.

Hosting Events

Evening Social Function (ESF) Policy: Any student organization wishing to host an event that begins or continues past 8 p.m., is open to individuals who are not members of the sponsoring organization, or has an anticipated attendance of 100 or more must abide by the Evening Social Function Policy.

In order to host such an event, the following guidelines and policies apply:

  1. Complete a Pre-Event Worksheet three weeks prior to the date of the event.
  2. Print out and complete the Evening Social Function Agreement two weeks prior to the event date.
  3. Attend a pre-event briefing meeting to take place at least three days prior to the event
  4. Additional regulations and restrictions apply. For information visit

If your event occurs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, consider D.I.C.E. funding, For more information, please contact Campus Life & Event Services, University Center 414, MS 1200, (573) 651-2280,

Movie & Screening Rights

The Federal Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code, Public Law 94-553, 90 stat. 2541) governs how copyrighted materials, such as movies, may be used. Federal law requires that viewing rights must be obtained PRIOR to showing movies or films in public spaces. If you rent, buy, or borrow a video or DVD recording, it is usually intended for “home use” only. Students, staff, faculty members and student organizations are required to obtain copyright permission from a film distribution company in order to show movies or films in public spaces, including residence hall lounges and spaces reserved on campus. Failure to do so may result in legal action.

For more information on the Federal Copyright Act, please visit the Motion Picture Association of America website on Public Performance,

When do I NEED to obtain copyright permission?

  1. Events open to the public (including students, faculty, staff and community members who are not general members of the student organization). If any person attending the event is not listed on the student organization’s membership roster, then copyright permission must be obtained.
  2. Any event that is planned and advertised (on the internet, through flyers or handbills, or through e-mail to non-organization members.)

WhencanI show a movie WITHOUT obtaining copyright permission?

  1. Home viewing: A student may show lawfully obtained (rented or purchased) movies to family members or a small group of friends in his/her own residence hall room or off-campus apartment/house.
  2. Educational use: You must meet the following two criteria:
    1. Viewing must not be open to the general public.
    2. The educational component is significant. It must be part of a class, workshop, or series and there should be a theme to the event or a presentation, speaker, or forum that accompanies the viewing.

Please note: The event does not need to be University sponsored or academic credit-bearing. The person giving the academic presentation can be a student, professor, outside speaker or other. The important criterion is not the presenter, but rather, the quality of content of the presentation and the connection to educational advancement.

Street & Parking Lot Closures for Events

Student groups, organizations or individuals interested in reserving or closing down streets, parking lots and/or sidewalks on or adjacent to campus for programs or events must contact Campus Life & Event Services at (573) 651-2280. These requests should be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.