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Maintaining Federal Financial Aid Eligibility

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the policy that outlines minimum requirements students must meet in order to remain eligible for federal and selected state financial aid (i.e. federal loans, grants, etc.).

While a student may be academically qualified to take courses, this does not guarantee he/she is eligible for financial aid. SAP has requirements beyond Southeast's academic standing policy. We invite you to review our Satisfactory Academic Progress Page at

Federal regulations require every Title IV institution to have a policy establishing standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress, for students who receive financial aid.Do not risk losing your financial aid eligibility because you do not know the SAP policy.

SAP is evaluated at the end of each semester including summer. Three criteria are used:

Grade Point Average - GPA

  • 1.75 Cumulative GPA for each of the first three semester/terms
  • 2.00 cumulative GPA for all terms thereafter
  • Transfer students who are admitted with lower than a 2.00 cumulative GPA and/or lower than 67% completion rate must refer to the online SAP policy.

Completion Rate - PACE

  • 67% of cumulative hours attempted must be successfully passed/earned. Completion rate is calculated by dividing cumulative earned hours by cumulative attempted hours. Students may view their completion rate in the Student Self-Service, Student Financial Services section of their student portal.
  • Hours withdrawn from after the end of the published 100% refund period count as attempted hours and negatively impact completion rate.

Maximum Timeframe

  • Must complete program within 150% of credit hours required for degree (120 credit hour degree program must be completed within 180 attempted credit hours). Transfer hours accepted count in determining PACE, cumulative GPA and MAXIMUM TIMEFRAME.

If you are not meeting the minimum requirements once grades are posted, you will be given a warning semester. An email notification will be sent to you regarding the warning. The notice will inform you that you have until the end of the following semester to meet the minimum standards. If you are not meeting satisfactory academic progress standards by that time, you will be ineligible for any future financial aid. You will be sent a warning notice and a financial aid hold will be placed on your account.

You will not be eligible for any future financial aid until you are again making satisfactory academic progress at Southeast Missouri State University or you submit a successful appeal. To reestablish satisfactory academic progress, you will need to attend Southeast at your own expense and make up deficiencies. If you feel you have mitigating circumstances, you may submit a personal letter of appeal using the Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form found on the Student Financial Services website (Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form) stating the reason(s) why you have not met the minimum requirements and any supporting documentation. All appeals will be reviewed by a committee.

The full policy can be found online or a paper copy is available upon request.

For more information contact Student Financial Services at, (573) 651-2253 or visit Academic Hall Rm. 019.