Transitional Semester Housing

To help new students who are relocating to Southeast Missouri State University from great distances and who already meet the University residency requirement, or will meet the requirement by the end of the first semester of attendance at Southeast, we offer a one semester transitional housing program. Students who meet the University residency requirement prior to their enrollment at Southeast and are only in need of housing for one semester can request participation in our transitional semester housing program. Through this program, a student can contract for a room and meal plan for one semester. At the end of the semester the student can choose to leave the residence hall without being responsible for paying any buyout or cancellation charges or remain on campus. Note: This program is for new students who request this program prior to their arrival at Southeast. Students who request cancellation of their housing or meal contract once the semester begins, and have not made prior arrangements to participate in the transitional program, will be responsible for any cancellation or buyout charges if their cancellation is approved.  

Students interested in our one semester transitional housing program should follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the Office of Residence Life prior to arrival at Southeast so arrangements can be made for your housing. Once contacted, the Office of Residence Life will verify you meet the University residency requirement and are therefore eligible for the semester transitional housing program. You will receive a written confirmation of your eligibility to participate, which will also include the waiver of any buyout charges if you move out of the residence halls after just one semester.
  2. Complete a Contract for University Housing and pay the housing deposit so your housing assignment can be arranged.
  3. It is our hope that each student will enjoy their on campus experience and will prefer to remain on campus for the second semester, however, if a student wishes to move off campus at the end of the fall semester you should contact the Office of Residence Life and your cancellation request will be approved without buy charges being assessed.

Important Notes about the transitional housing program:

  1. This program is for a full semester, most often the fall semester. This program is not intended for just a few days or weeks of on campus housing and then cancellation of the Contract for University Housing without penalty charges. Students interested in this arrangement should contact the Office of Residence Life to inquire about our Guest Housing options.
  2. The student must contact the Office of Residence Life prior to the beginning of the semester the student plans to live on campus to indicate the interest in only living on campus for one semester.
  3. Efforts are made to consider each students housing preferences, however, the date a student submits their Contract for University Housing and housing deposit will determine the availability of space in high priority residence halls.


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