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Application Process

All full-time students must live on campus for 2 years (4 semesters).

The Board of Governers at Southeast Missouri State University requires that all full-time students (enrolled for at least 12 credit hours) live on campus for 2 academic years (4 semesters, excluding summers). The 2-year residency requirement is required of all students, subject to the exemptions listed on the Residency Release form. The live-on experience that the Office of Residence Life is committed to providing is an essential part of the educational experience at Southeast Missouri State University. Students are strongly encouraged to contact Residence Life prior to signing any off-campus lease to determine their eligibility to live off campus.

New student contracts are assigned through either a self-selection process for students submitting their contracts early or in a date driven process for all other students. Students assigned by the Office of Residence Life are assigned based upon the date a student’s contract was received (including housing deposit) and with consideration of a student’s residence hall and roommate preferences. If a student selects a roommate, the roommates are matching accordingly. We do not allow selection of suitemates.

Note: No residence hall assignment is guaranteed and the later a student submits their Contract for University Housing and housing deposit the less chance a student has to get one of their top residence hall choices. In past years, there are more than 500 students who submit Contracts for University Housing (with housing deposits) prior to the December priority request date.

No student can be assigned a room until the housing deposit has been received. While a student may elect to submit a Contract for University Housing without a deposit, no action can be taken to assign this student or pair with a roommate without receipt of a deposit. Housing deposits can be submitted online

Your room assignment will be made in mid to late June, along with your roommate assignment. You will receive a mailing from the Office of Residence Life near the end of June. The mailing will be sent to your home address on file with the University. If you are unsure of your mailing address on file with the University you can check this via the Southeast portal (

It depends. Your residence hall assignment is impacted by the date you submitted your Contract for University Housing. Returning students choose their rooms on campus first, and Residence Life places new students in the remaining spaces, and in the spaces we reserve for new students.

What is more important than hall placement is roommate matching. Data from students at Southeast and other colleges and universities show that roommate assignment, and the relationship between roommates, is a high predictor of satisfaction with the collegiate experience. Having a roommate with whom you can develop a positive relationship is integral to your success at Southeast. You will find we spend a lot of time helping you get acquainted with your roommate and your fellow residents - because it will help you to succeed.

We use sophisticated computer modeling to pair individuals into rooms. Much of the matching is based on your responses to the questions on the Roommate Preferences. Room and Roommate Preferences are completed by the student via the Contract for University Housing.

If students are interested they can go to their housing portal page and select Roommate Search.  Follow the instructions on the first screen. Once the student answers at least one question and clicks Preview, potential roommates that fit the preferences will populate with the potential roommate's contact information. Once you have located a roommate, fill out the Roommate Group Invitation on the housing portal page. All students must accept invites to be complete.

Roommates are selected based on the following steps

  • If you have a medical, psychological, or other disability that requires special accommodation, your roommate and room assignment will be made to accommodate your special accommodation needs.
  • If you and another student (or students, for triple-sized rooms) have requested each other as roommates, we do everything possible to insure that you are placed together. Placement with your requested roommate will always take precedence over room type request.
  • For students who have not pre-selected a roommate, the Office of Residence Life uses computer modeling technology to match roommates, based upon the responses to the "lifestyle questions" on the Room and Roommate Preferences. Almost all of our students allow the Office of Residence Life to make roommate choices - and work to try and make good roommate matches.

If you have any questions about the roommate process please contact the Office of Residence Life at 573-651-2274 or at

Yes, after your confirmation e-mail has been sent in mid to late June. Before that time, My Southeast will not provide room or roommate information. The Office of Residence Life must wait until June to make room assignments, to minimize the frequency of room and/or roommate placement changes due to changes in student admissions.

If you need to have your seKey reset or experience problems with your seKey, you should contact the Southeast Information Technology Help Desk.

If you need assistance with your alternative pin, used in class registration you should contact your academic advisor.


All students living in on-campus housing at a Missouri public institution of higher education are required to be vaccinated against bacterial meningitis or have an exemption for medical or religious reasons (see Missouri Statute 174.335.1).

  • The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends that students receive the vaccine within 5 years of beginning college. A booster dose will be required for students who received their initial vaccination at or before age 15. Students who receive their first dose of quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine at or after age 16 years do not need a booster dose. To reference this information, please view the CDC website.
  • Vaccination records need to be submitted to the Office of Residence Life prior to moving into the residence halls. Records can be mailed to Office of Residence Life, faxed to (573) 651-2557 or emailed to
  • Medical or religious exemptions must be submitted using the following exemption form.
  • Records of the vaccination or exemption must be on file by the first Friday of classes, as required by Missouri State law. Failure to provide them by that date may result in the cancellation of the student’s housing contract, with applicable charges, thereby impacting the student’s ability to live on campus and remain in classes.

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening

Missouri Senate Bill 197 requires new students attending any college or university in the State of Missouri be screened for Tuberculosis (TB).

  • The screening must follow the Center for Disease Control protocols that screen individuals based upon their time outside the United States, and their possible exposure to TB, or those who are likely to have come in contact with someone who has TB.
  • The legislation requires colleges and universities to place a hold on a student’s registration if they do not complete the Tuberculosis screening within their first semester at a Missouri college or University.

Students may visit the Health Clinic website for more information and to conduct the online screening requirement.

Living in the Residence Halls

If you have a concern, question or maintenance request regarding your room contact Facilities Management at 573-651-2214 or post a work order through Facilities Management.

If you have a question or concern about the custodial services in your residence hall please contact Facilities Management at 573-651-2214 and ask to speak with the custodial services supervisor. Details on the University’s custodial services can be found at the University’s Facilities Management webpage.

Some students have found these items useful*:

  • Toiletries and carrying container
  • Personal items, including shower shoes and first aid kit
  • Cleaning items
  • Laundry basket
  • Detergent (he) high efficiency detergent only, no washer sheets
  • Desk lamp
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Clothes hangers
  • Alarm clock
  • Can opener
  • Needle, thread, scissors
  • Personal computer
  • Dishes, mugs, silverware
  • Sheets and blankets
  • Pillow and pillowcase
  • Radio, stereo, MP3, I-Pod, DVD
  • TV (must contain a Clear QAM digital tuner)
  • Surge Protector for any appliances used
  • Mini-Refrigerator (max 3.2 cubic feet, one per room)
  • Microwave (max 800 watts, one per room)
  • Crock pot (one per room)
  • Umbrella

*To avoid bringing duplicates, you may wish to confer with your roommate.

Yes. Students often have questions about what to bring, what kinds of rules are in place, and where to go for help. The Residents' Handbook of Understandings is a great reference.

Some specific items you should leave at home:

  • Air conditioner or space heater
  • Any appliance with an open heating element (toaster, toaster oven, hot plate, George Foreman grills)
  • Air fryers
  • Halogen lamp, quartz lamp, or any other lamp (including a desk lamp) with an exposed bulb
  • Open flame devices (e.g., candles, incense)
  • Illegal or unauthorized materials (e.g., alcohol, drugs, firearms or dangerous weapons, fireworks, stolen property)
  • Hazardous chemicals, including flammable liquids
  • Weapons, including firearms, large knives, or decorative swords
  • Paintball/airsoft/pellet guns
  • Pets, except fish
  • Extremely valuable or irreplaceable items
  • Wi-Fi routers, they are highly disturbing to the campus Wi-Fi and will be confiscated.

Students can change their meal plan anytime during the first eight weeks of the semester. In order to change your meal plan a student can complete a meal plan change request form available at the Office of Residence Life or by e-mailing the Office of Residence Life at requesting the change. As changes in meal plan impacts a student’s bill, all requests must be made in writing or via e-mail. Be sure to include your name and student ID number in your e-mail. Changes cannot be made over the phone.

Cancellation Process

The Student Residency Release Application can be picked up in person at the Office of Residence Life or can be downloaded here.

The Office of Residence Life will review the request, generally in three to five working days. There are three possible outcomes:

  1. Request does not contain necessary information: Your request will be returned to you, with a letter outlining exactly what additional information is needed.
  2. Request is approved: You will receive a decision letter indicating the outcome of your request.
  3. Request is denied: You will receive a decision letter detailing why the request was denied, and how the Office of Residence Life will work with you to meet the concerns you detailed in your request.

Approval depends upon several factors: Established Residence Life policy, the terms of the Contract for University Housing, previous precedent set for cancellations, and the ability of the Office of Residence Life to make reasonable accommodations for the issues identified in your request. In general, few students are approved for cancellation. The Office of Residence Life works with students to find reasonable compromises to identified concerns/issues, while trying to help the student complete the legally binding terms.

Some students do appeal the decision. All appeals are made to the Office of Residence Life and are required to be in writing. Students generally wish to appeal for one of three reasons:

Reason 1: Error in Original Decision

  • Student believes that the original decision was made in error, and does not follow the policy/procedure set by the Office of Residence Life.
  • Appeal is heard by the Associate Director for Business Operations. The student should submit the appeal in writing with all supporting documentation/information. The decision will be followed by a letter.

Reason 2: New or Additional Information

  • Student believes that the original decision was made based upon incomplete or insufficient information, OR new information might change the decision.
  • The Associate Director for Business Operations will hear the appeal. The student should submit the appeal in writing with all supporting documentation/information. The decision will be followed by a letter.

Reason 3: Student Does Not Like Decision

  • Student does not like the initial decision, and wishes to appeal to obtain a different decision.
  • Appeals considerations are made based upon the published policy of the office. Requests to have a decision changed based upon a student not agreeing with the outcome must show that either the wrong policy was followed or that some factor was not considered in the original decision. Absent these factors there is no appeal process.

Supporting documentation is any written information that supports the request you are making. For medical requests, please complete the Special Accommodation Request form. This form helps explain the information needed and the process by which requests are considered. No two requests are the same, so please provide as detailed a request as possible.

Requests based upon incomplete information cannot be properly evaluated and will delay or prevent any requested accommodation request or cancellation. The student making the request and the health care provider are encouraged to submit their request as soon as possible and with any evidence to support the needed accommodation.

Students requesting a release based on financial concerns will be referred to Student Financial Services to evaluate his/her eligibility for financial assistance. The Office of Residence Life will work with Student Financial Services to analyze the student’s financial situation, and to determine if the student has enough existing personal, family, and financial aid resources to meet the financial obligations of the direct and indirect costs of attending Southeast. If you do not have enough resource, the Office of Residence Life and Student Financial Services will work to review any supporting documentation to determine if there is additional eligibility for financial aid. Please note that the University expects student to utilize all financial aid available to them – choosing not to receive an educational loan is not grounds for a financial cancellation.

All approved requests for cancellations are charged a minimum $150 cancellation fee except those for graduates/or other academic reasons (academic reasons does not include decisions to transfer to another college or university). Any student who is new to the University, meaning both new to the residence halls and having not been an enrolled student are charged based upon the rates listed on the Contract for University Housing. Additional cancellation costs are assessed based on the date of cancellation and the reason for the cancellation

Students should contact the Office of Residence Life immediately if the student decides not to cancel the contract.

Students may be exempted from the residency requirement, but may not be released from the Contract for University Housingas these are two separate issues.

You may be exempt from the residency requirement, but may be bound by the legal terms of the Contract for University Housing. For example, if you were 21 by September 1st of this year and signed a Contract for University Housing in April to live on campus, but wish to now cancel the Contract, you are not required to live on campus (by the residency requirement), but you will have to fulfill the terms of the Contract for University Housing. In this example, the student could have moved off campus, but chose to sign a legally-binding agreement for housing for the full academic year. The student and the Office of Residence Life should work together to find reasonable compromises to the issues and concerns that have prompted the request to move off-campus.

The residency requirement is University policy that states all full-time students under the age of 21 who are not living at home (in the Cape Girardeau area) with lineal relatives (parent/s), who are unmarried, not solely responsible for the care of a child, who do not have more than 57 degree credit hours, or who are not a veteran of military service must live on campus.

The Contract for University Housing is a legally binding agreement between you and the University. It is a legal contract that you have signed that commits you to a full academic year of living on campus.


(573) 651-2274
Towers Complex 102

Office of Residence Life
One University Plaza, MS 0055
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