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Contract Cancellation


Review the following information to determine your reason for cancellation and the associated charges. At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to an online form to fill out for your contract cancellation request.

University Residency Requirement

The Board of Governers at Southeast Missouri State University requires that all full-time students live on campus for two years (four semesters, excluding summers). In accordance with the residency requirement, all full-time students must live on campus unless they meet at least one of the criteria for an exemption from the residency requirement: living with parent or legal guardian and commuting from their residence within a 50 mile radius of Academic Hall; 21 years of age by the beginning of the semester for which they are enrolled; military veteran; completed at least 57 degree credit hours at Southeast or hours that have transferred to Southeast, 42 of these credit hours must be obtained post high school graduation; married and/or have dependent children in residence; lived in University housing at Southeast for two years.

Request Reason Prior to Residence Hall Move In Prior to Third Friday of Classes After Third Friday of Classes
December Graduation No Charge No Charge No Charge
Greek Village (Must meet eligibility requirements) No Charge No Charge No Charge
Study Abroad, Student Teaching or Internship No Charge No Charge No Charge
Military Commitment No Charge No Charge No Charge
Meals Only $25 $25 + Pro-rated Charges* $25 + No Refund**
Medical $150 $150 + Pro-Rated Charges* $150 + No Refund**
Greek Housing Chapter Office (Required live-in) $150 $150 + Pro-Rated Charges* $150 + No Refund**
Marriage/Dependent Child Care $150 $150 + Pro-Rated Charges* $150 + No Refund**
TPS (Temporary Protected Status) $150 $150 + Pro-Rated Charges* $150 + No Refund**
Withdrawal, Transfer, Academic or Administrative Suspension $150 $150 + Pro-Rated Charges* $150 + No Refund**
Financial Hardship $750 Buyout Charge $750 Buyout Charge + Pro-Rated Charges* $750 Buyout Charge + No Refund**
Residency Requirement Exemption $750 Buyout Charge $750 Buyout Charge + Pro-Rated Charges* $750 Buyout Charge + No Refund**

* Pro-rate charges (room and meal) apply to residents who move out prior to the third Friday of classes. After the third Friday residents are responsible for the full semester/term charges.

** Full charges (room and meal) apply to residents who move out after the third Friday of the semester. Students moving out at the end of the fall semester do not incur any additional room or meal charges for the spring semester.

Reason Requirement Documentation
Parenthood Custodial parent of a dependent child Copy of applicant's prior year's tax return OR a copy of dependents child's birth certificate.
Marriage Married Copy of marriage license after it has been filed at the courthouse.
Medical Accomodation Medical condition that requires special living accommodations that the residence halls cannot reasonably provide All parts of the Special Accommodations Form for Students Requesting Housing Accommodations, available from the Office of Residence Life.
Note: Additional notes or letters from applicant’s treating physician may be sent along with the form as supporting documentation.
Military Commitment Call to active duty A copy of applicant’s military paperwork showing the date applicant begins active duty service.
Residency Requirement Exemption Student meets one of the University’s criteria to be exempted from the two year residency requirement Submit all parts of the Petition to Terminate Contract and indicate which of the University’s residency requirements you meet. Examples include over 21, more than 57 degree credit hours with 42 obtained post high school graduation, lived on campus for two full academic years. Note: There is a buyout charge for any student who meets the residency requirement when submitting their Contract for University Housing and then requests to cancel their housing contract.
Financial Hardship An extreme financial situation that has occurred since the time of signing the contract that puts an excessive strain on the applicant APPLICANT MUST FIRST APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID AND RECEIVE AN AWARD LETTER BEFORE A CANCELLATION WILL BE CONSIDERED. Applicant must include supporting documents to support all claims. The following are some examples where financial hardship may be granted:
  • Loss of primary provider's income due to death, loss of employment, catastrophic health issues, natural disaster, or bankruptcy.
  • NOTE: requests to reside off campus for a financial savings is not a valid reason for a financial hardship cancellation.
Student Teaching, Study Abroad, or Internship Activity is outside of commuting distance of campus Submit documentation noting the location of school that you will be student teaching at, a copy of the acceptance letter from the school attending overseas or department hosting the study abroad program, submit documentation from department/company hosting internship.

Contract Cancellation Form


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Office of Residence Life
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