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The University offers students, faculty and staff general banking services and branch banking services through U.S. Bank, located on the first floor of the University Center in the Southeast Bookstore. In addition, an ATM is located at the University Center and a Cash Dispensing Machine is available at Towers Complex.

To find out more you can visit U.S. Bank's Web site. To reach the branch office directly, call (573) 332-1082.

The Information Technology (IT) Department provides the expertise and services of two combined departments: the former Computer Services Department and Telecommunications.

Computing support is offered for the instruction, research, administrative, and public service functions of the University. Responsibilities include administrative applications, training, consultation, custom programming, e-mail, file and printer sharing, supervision of open computer labs, and the design of the campus local area network.

Telecommunications provides telephone, voicemail, and personal computer installation/maintenance. Additional services include fiber optic and local area network installations, paging, cable TV, closed circuit TV camera systems, cellular service, and classroom technology equipment.


Internet service is available in the residence halls. Instructions for connecting to ResNet and other technology support.

Visit the IT Website

The Custodial Services section consists of 64 custodians: divided between three shifts, who are dedicated to cleaning in the residence halls, auxiliary buildings, and academic buildings. Full-time staff is supplemented with student employees. Crews work various shifts as needed to accommodate University operations and activities.

The University’s Facilities Management Department is responsible for the maintenance and physical upkeep of the residence halls. If you have a service request you can submit a work order through the online work order system

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Laundry Facilities

Laundry service is provided at no additional charge for residents living on campus. Residents receive unlimited usage of the washers and dryers. 24-hr laundry facilities are located conveniently in each residence hall. For the protection of your personal belongings, do not leave your items unattended. Please report any malfunction of machines to the Office of Residence Life at (573) 651-2274.

Important notes on your laundry facilities on campus:
Over 90% of the washing machines in the Residence Halls are high-efficiency, front-loading units. As a result


Most major brands (ie, Tide, All, Cheer, etc) sell 'h-e' rated detergent, and is readily available in Cape Girardeau at places like Wal-Mart, Target, Schnucks, etc. The 'h-e' detergent is easily distinguished from 'regular' detergent by utilizing the 'h-e' logo above. Please bring only 'h-e' identified detergent, using 'regular' detergent may cause damage to the machines and can cause costly water overflows!

  • Please empty your pockets when loading your laundry. Paper clips, ink pens, coins, bobby pins, etc can all cause major damage to the units and cause extended down time.
  • Please DO NOT utilize the '3 in1 laundry sheets' in the washing machines! This product has been known to cause significant damage and thus extended down time to our units. Fabric softener sheets like Bounce, etc are more than welcome and are encouraged to be used in the dryers.
  • The laundry facilities in the Residence Halls are for residents only. Guests and nonresident students are not allowed to use the laundry facilities.
Vending Services

The Office of Residence Life provides vending services to students, faculty, and staff at convenient locations throughout the campus. Products available at over 150 machines include snacks, soft drinks, and sandwiches. Each residence hall has soda and snack machines available to residents in convenient locations.

These offices offer a variety of services to the University community, including:

  • Pick-up and delivery of intra-campus mail.
  • Delivery of incoming freight and mail to the University (with the exception of the residence halls).
  • Processing outgoing mail, packages, and other freight.
  • Sales and delivery of office supplies.
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Residence Hall Mailing Adressess
What is a MicroFridge?

Through the Office of Residence Life students can rent MicroFridges on a semester basis. These units feature a refrigerator, small freezer, and microwave all in one. For more information regarding the MicroFridge units and the rental process, please Click Here.

The University, through its provider Charter TV, offers over 150 channels, many in HD. Students must supply their own television and coaxial cable cord. All televisions must be equipped with a digital “QAM” or “Clear QAM” tuner to receive the University’s channels. For more information regarding cable tv and to view the University’s channel lineup click here.

All of the shuttle buses are accessible to students/passengers with disabilities. For a complete explanation of shuttle routes, visit: Shuttle(s) run from 7:00 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Friday and 1:00 p.m. to 2 a.m. on the weekends


Towers Complex 102
Office of Residence Life
One University Plaza, MS 0055
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

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