Funding Requirements and Explanations

  1. To receive funds from RHA, an allocation form must be filled out in its entirety. Allocation forms are due by 12:00 pm on Wednesday before RHA executive board meetings to be considered at the upcoming Tuesday's meeting.
  2. Your request will be reviewed by the funding board before going to the RHA General Body.
  3. A representative from the requesting organization must attend a funding board meeting before attending a general body meeting to answer any questions and explain the allocation. The Funding Board will present the request to the General Body during the RHA Meeting. (Note: If it is a program that will be under $75 your request doesn't have to go to the general body meeting)
  4. The event must be open and/ or include Southeast Missouri State Residence Hall students.
  5. A student organization may not ask for more than $1000.00 a year from RHA. RHA will not provide funding for gift cards; additionally, RHA will only help fund a conference if 75% of the delegation attending the conference reside on campus.
  6. The RHA logo on all publicity including flyers, pamphlets, handouts, etc. If there are flyers going out to advertise a program or merchandise being purchased with this allocation a design must be attached to this form.
  7. Failure to fulfill these requirements may result in rescinding funds allocated to the organization and rejection of future allocations.
Fillable Program Itemization Sheet
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