What if I change my mind about canceling my contract?

All approved requests for cancellation are charged a contract cancellation charge except those for graduates and some academic reasons.  If the cancellation is after classes begin, then cancellation charges are based on the cancellation date and charges as noted on the Contract for University Housingand the Petition for Termination of Contract


Why did my request to be released from Residency gets approved and my request to cancel my housing contract did not?


Students may be exempted from the residency requirement, but may not be released from the Contract for University Housingas these are two separate issues.

You may be exempt from the residency requirement, but may be bound by the legal terms of the Contract for University Housing.  For example, if you were 21 by September 1st of this year and signed a Contract for University Housing in April to live on campus, but wish to now cancel the Contract, you are not required to live on campus (by the residency requirement), but you will have to fulfill the terms of the Contract for University Housing.  In this example, the student could have moved off campus, but chose to sign a legally-binding agreement for housing for the full academic year.  The student and the Office of Residence Life should work together to find reasonable compromises to the issues and concerns that have prompted the request to move off-campus.

The residency requirement is a policy of the Board of Regents that states all full-time students under the age of 21 who are not living at home (in the Cape Girardeau area) with lineal relatives (parent/s), who are unmarried, not solely responsible for the care of a child, who do not have more than 57 degree credit hours, or who are not a veteran of military service must live on campus.

The Contract for University Housing is a legally binding agreement between you and the University.  It is a legal contract that you have signed that commits you to a full academic year of living on campus.


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