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Southeast Missouri State University offers new students, regardless of student classification the opportunity to live in one of the residence halls.

The application process is simple and can be completed online once you have been admitted to the university.

Southeast’s campus housing options include both traditional community-style housing and the popular suite-style housing.

Please review our Residency Requirement here

Our residence halls exist not only to house the students, but also to serve the students. Each hall offers cable television, high-speed internet access, microwaves, laundry and vending facilities, mail service, refrigerator rental and a service desk. The residence halls offer an affordable and well-maintained place to live as well as an opportunity for the traditional “college experience.” Programs exist to help you succeed academically and have a great experience while doing it.

All residence hall rooms are double or triple occupancy. When space allows, students can request to contract a double occupancy room as a private. There is an upcharge for this option. To make a request for a private room email

Living on Campus is a great way to begin your experience at Southeast Missouri State University. Students living on campus are more connected to campus life, earn higher GPAs than their off-campus counterparts, and report a greater level of satisfaction from their overall college experience.

New students at Southeast Missouri State University, whether freshmen, transfer or international, all have the opportunity to live in on-campus housing and share in the vibrant experience that living in one of our residential communities provides.

All students are required to live on campus for their first two years of enrollment. Students who begin in the summer are required to live on campus for the Fall and Spring semester, For the purpose of meeting the University’s residency requirement, summer semesters are not included.

Students requesting an exemption to the Live On Requirement must complete a Request for Release from the University’s Residency Requirement form.  Please visit the Policies and Procedures page for detailed instructions and the form.

International Education and Student Services will be your primary contact for all important information regarding your admission and arrival at Southeast Missouri State University.

Students arriving outside of the recommended arrival dates are charged $25 per night.

You are encouraged to complete the housing contract prior to your arrival. Students with assignments can move directly into the assigned room.

Southeast Missouri State University has a two year live on requirement for all fulltime students. Please review Residency Requirement here

The application process is simple and can be completed online once you have been admitted to the university.  You have three options to make your deposit. You can pay with an electronic check, credit / debit card or Discover Card. If you use a credit or debit card, you will be asked to provide a billing address. Some country codes are not accepted in this system.

For the purpose of completing the transaction please use 1000 Towers Circle, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701. Using this billing address does not change where you receive your credit card statement.

Current students can complete their contract for University Housing early or participate in the spring contract recruitment period.

Students who participate in the early contract process will have priority in room selection. Students who submit a housing contract by the end of December are considered participants in the early contract pool.

Students requiring special accommodations should contact the Office of Residence Life at their earliest convenience to discuss available housing options.

Students who cancel their housing contract prior to participation in the room selection process will not be charged a penalty fee. Students who participate in the room selection process and subsequently cancel their housing contract by finals week will be charged a cancelation fee equivalent to the amount of the housing deposit.

Complete your housing contract through the MySoutheast Portal
(Note: Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Make sure pop-ups are not blocked)

  1. Log in to MySoutheast at
  2. Click on the “Student SS” tab.
  3. Locate the Residence Life channel, click “Residence Life Housing Portal.”
Go to the Portal


Advantages to living on campus

Off-campus Apartment Residence Hall
Utility deposits required, plus monthly bills to pay. No deposits and no keeping track of when the bills are due. One payment takes care of everything.
Ramen Noodles and pizza are good, but not for 16 weeks in a row.  Grocery shopping.  Chartwells’ award-winning dining options offer you three entrees at every meal and a variety of locations and cuisine with no grocery shopping.  Plus, Residence Hall kitchenettes are available if you want to be your own gourmet chef.
You’ve finished studying, but your roommate isn’t home from work yet. With an entire residence hall filled with students, you can always find somebody ready for fun.
Buying a washer and dryer or … visiting the Laundromat. Cape’s cheapest and cleanest laundry facilities are right in your residence hall.
Studying losing out to reality TV?  Study groups, tutors, and even some floors dedicated to students of the same academic major.
Boredom from watching that episode of “Big Bang Theory” for the 15th time.  New friends to watch that episode of “Big Bang Theory” with for the 15th time, plus intramural sports, mud volleyball, haunted houses, floor parties, and more.
Paying for Internet service … or sitting at Starbucks for hours at a time (and the cost of coffee) You have the University’s high speed connection, Wi-Fi in many areas on campus and in the comfort of your own room.
Can’t afford pricey gym memberships  Two student recreation centers and the aquatic center are free and within walking distance.


We at the Office of Residence Life strive to assign each individual a roommate that matches his/her lifestyle. Much of the matching is based on student answers provided as part of the Contract for University Housing. As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best roommates, housing, and lifestyle choices to Southeast Missouri State University students, we have partnered with My College Roomie to help with locating a good roommate match. This service will enable you to choose a roommate based on similar life style choices. To use the site, a student must have submitted both a housing contract and deposit payment.

The office of Residence Life is excited to offer a select group of new students the chance to use our online room selection process. Students who submitted a housing contract and deposit payment between September and March 1 are eligible to self-assign.

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The Office of Residence Life provides summer school housing for students who need to remain in the residence halls. Because of the limited demand for summer housing and the high demand for space for summer camps and conferences, we limit all summer school housing to just one residence hall. Students electing to live on campus during the Summer 2019 will be determined.

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To help new students who are relocating to Southeast Missouri State University from great distances and who already meet the University residency requirement, or will meet the requirement by the end of the first semester of attendance at Southeast, we offer a one semester transitional housing program.

Students who meet the University residency requirement prior to their enrollment at Southeast and are only in need of housing for one semester can request participation in our transitional semester housing program. Through this program, a student can contract for a room and meal plan for one semester.

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