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Students Testimonials

Students' Feedback and Comments about the Program: 

"This program helped me to fully explore ideas and topics that I would not have learned anywhere else at SEMO. I now feel more confident that I can improve my interactions with others and be more effective in my own life just by implementing little changes and strategies I learned in the books. A book every two weeks might be difficult to balance with classes, but the knowledge I gained and the people I got to meet made it worth it!"


"The Business Scholar Reading program isn't for the faint of heart. It is difficult, but this is what makes it so rewarding. The amount of knowledge and discipline award from this experience is priceless! I urge every student to apply to this program, because it is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and gain a substantial amount of knowledge, along with meeting a great group of intellectually curious students."


"I thoroughly enjoy every meeting that we have had. We have had several great discussions that have also lead to many of the book’s points being integrated into our very own lives. The group also has allowed me to have intellectual conversations with people who I probably wouldn’t have spoken to before that have now become my friends. I would recommend this group to everyone!"

"I've truly enjoyed my time in the Reading Program. Each of the students participating selected a book for the group to read. So every other week I had a new book to read. Without this program, I would have struggled to find time to read, but this program gave me the motivation I needed. I also had the opportunity to meet other students in the business program that I do not normally have the chance to interact with. Overall a great experience!"


"I loved my experience with the program. I think it is a great group of people and we found really interesting books to read. I look forward to our meetings every two weeks. I love talking to the group and discussing the books. I always have a lot of fun at the meetings."


"The Business Scholars Program is one of the most rewarding programs for students who are more interested in learning than simply passing classes. It not only brings intellectually minded students together but it rewards them for being intellectually minded"

"The Business Scholar Reading Group has allowed me to develop my reading skills and to grow my knowledge of the business world. This group allowed me to make friendships and interact with people I would have never gotten to otherwise, and has pushed me past my capacities that I originally had before joining the group. My reading variety has grown over the last semester and my knowledge has as well"




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