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Terms & Conditions


a.     Vendors doing business with Southeast Missouri State University must ensure a W-9 form is on file with Southeast's Accounts Payable office.  You may access the current W-9 form here:  Please send the completed form to Accounts Payable, Southeast Missouri State University, One University Plaza MS 3250, Cape Girardeau, MO, 63701.  Failure to provide the form in a timely manner may result in partial payment being withheld.  Questions may be directed to Accounts Payable at (573) 651-2055.

b.    The University does not pay state or federal taxes unless otherwise required under law or regulation. The University's Missouri sales tax exemption number is 10124128.

c.     Each invoice submitted must reference the purchase order number and must be itemized in accordance with items listed on the purchase order. Failure to comply with this requirement may delay processing of invoices for payment.

d.     The University assumes no obligation for equipment, supplies, and/or services shipped or provided in excess of the quantity ordered. Any unauthorized quantity is subject to the University's rejection and shall be returned at the contractor's expense.

e.     Payment for all equipment, supplies, and/or services required herein shall be made in arrears. The University shall not make any advance deposits.

f.     All invoices for equipment, supplies, and /or services purchased by Southeast Missouri State University shall be processed on a Net 30 basis unless otherwise indicated and will be subject to late payment charges as provided in Section 34.055 RSMo.


Time is of the essence. Deliveries must be made no later than the time stated on the purchase order or within a reasonable period of time, if a specific time is not stated.


a.     No equipment, supplies, and/or services received by the University pursuant to a purchase order shall be deemed accepted until the University has had reasonable opportunity to inspect said equipment, supplies, and/or services.

b.     All equipment, supplies, and/or services which do not comply with the specifications and/or requirements or which are otherwise unacceptable or defective may be rejected. In addition, all equipment, supplies, and/or services which are discovered to be defective or which do not conform to any warranty of the contractor upon inspection (or at any later time if the defects contained were not reasonably ascertainable upon the initial inspection) may be rejected.

c.     The University reserves the right to return any such rejected shipment at the contractor's expense for full credit or replacement and to specify a reasonable date by which replacements must be received.

d.     The University's right to reject any unacceptable equipment, supplies, and/or services shall not exclude any other legal, equitable or contractual remedies the University may have.


a.     The contractor expressly warrants that all equipment, supplies, and/or services provided shall (1) conform to each and every specification, drawing, sample or other description which was furnished to or adopted by the University, (2) be fit and sufficient for the purpose expressed, (3) be merchantable, (4) be of good materials and workmanship, and (5) be free from defect.

b.     Such warranty shall survive delivery and shall not be deemed waived either by reason of the University's acceptance of or payment for said equipment, supplies, and/or services.


In connection with the furnishing of equipment, supplies, and/or services under the contract, the contractor and all subcontractors shall agree not to discriminate against recipients of services or employees or applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status. If the contractor or subcontractor employs at least 50 persons, they shall have and maintain an affirmative action program which shall include:

a.     A written policy statement committing the organization to affirmative action and assigning management responsibilities and procedures for evaluation and dissemination;

b.     The identification of a person designated to handle affirmative action;

c.     The establishment of non-discriminatory selection standards, objective measures to analyze recruitment, an upward mobility system, a wage and salary structure, and standards applicable to layoff, recall, discharge, demotion, and discipline;

d.     The exclusion of discrimination from all collective bargaining agreements; and

e.     Performance of an internal audit of the reporting system to monitor execution and to provide for future planning.

If discrimination by a contractor is found to exist, the University shall take appropriate enforcement action which may include, but not necessarily be limited to, cancellation of the contract, removal from all bidder's lists until corrective action is made and ensured, and referral to the Attorney General's Office, whichever enforcement action may be deemed most appropriate.


In connection with the furnishing of equipment, supplies, and/or services under the contract, the contractor and all subcontractors shall comply with all applicable requirements and provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


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Purchasing Department
One University Plaza, MS 3280
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701