Faculty Research Labs

Clinical Research

Cross-Cultural Dissemination & Implementation (CDI) Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Eu Gene Chin

He conducts systematic research that help increase access to evidence-based treatments for diverse populations. Topics of interests include cross-cultural psychometric investigations, theoretical models of help-seeking behavior, factors that facilitate/impede engagement in treatments, and best practices for clinical supervision/training activities.

If you would want to learn more about the lab, collaborate on a research project, or simply get some help on a research idea of yours, contact Dr. Chin at echin@semo.edu and he would be happy to chat!

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Online Psychotherapy Process Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. D'Arcy Reynolds

The lab focuses on whether online psychotherapy provides a therapeutic encounter similar or different to face-to-face therapy. He explores the therapeutic encounter between client and therapist. He is primarily interested in the emotional experiences during and after these sessions and the nature of the therapeutic relationship.

He is also interested in media representations of mental illness. He is particularly interested in how popular media (e.g. television, cinema, radio, etc.) inadvertently stigmatize individuals suffering from psychological problems. With respect to popular media, an intense focus is on the new age movement with respect to psychological helping and its potential to reduce the stigma of seeking psychological help.

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Cognitive Research

Language & Memory Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Alison Whiteford-Danerall

The primary research interests of the lab surround the organization of abstract conceptual knowledge and the role of working memory in interpreting abstract language and generating text. Recent projects have explored the cognitive demands of metaphor comprehension, the memory effects of figurative language and how those effects shift with familiarity, and embodied cognition and the degree to which conventional metaphoric language relies on activation of concrete referents.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in getting involved in one of the ongoing lab projects or discussing an original research project or collaboration, please email Dr. Whiteford at awhiteford@semo.edu, or stop by my office in Scully 405D.

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Cognitive Science Memory Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nic Wilkins

Dr. Wilkins conducts research that investigates two main topics in cognitive psychology: cognitive skill acquisition and automaticity. Topics of interest include the factors that influence the gains made during practice of a cognitive skill and factors that influence the durability of practice gains across delays.

If you are curious to learn more about the lab, work together on a research project of your choosing, or discuss a research idea of yours, please drop me a line at nwilkins@semo.edu.

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Counseling Research

Counseling Multicultural Competency & Advocacy Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kirsten LaMantia

Dr. LaMantia collaborates with student researchers to investigate important topics regarding multicultural competence in counseling settings. These topics include (but are not limited to): cross-cultural counseling, values bracketing, and counseling marginalized populations. In addition, Dr. LaMantia explores issues concerning local, regional, and national advocacy for marginalized populations. Finally, Dr. LaMantia conducts research on feminist pedagogy within the counseling field. Please contact her if you have any interest in conducting research on these topics or want to discuss other topics concerning counseling.

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Counseling Advocacy & Mentorship Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Melissa Odegard-Koester

The main research interest within the Counseling Advocacy and Mentorship Lab is to investigate social justice competence within counseling domains. This research is then used to advocate for clients and the counseling field to improve counseling practices. Dr. Odegard-Koester also provides various research mentorship opportunities for students who are interested in gaining research skills. She is happy to work with students with various interests in counseling topics with the goal of helping them present at local, state, national, and international conferences.

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Developmental Research

Culture and Adolescent Risk-Taking Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Catherine Chou

The Culture and Adolescent Risk-Taking Lab is dedicated to understanding how and why adolescents engage in health and safety related risk-taking behaviors (e.g., drug use, binge drinking, reckless driving). To study this topic, the lab focuses on (1) the social-cognitive mechanism (e.g., parenting, decision making, core competencies) responsible for risk-taking behavior, (2) risk-taking behavior from a cultural perspective, and (3) development of risk-taking from adolescence to emerging adulthood.

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Industrial-Organizational Research

I/O Recruitment Effectiveness Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lesly Krome

This research lab is open to all areas of interest that align with various Industrial/Organizational psychology areas of study. Her research focuses on perceptions of recruitment opportunities, recruitment method effectiveness, work-life balance, and organizational justice perceptions. She is especially interested in how gender and sex differences, as well as generational differences, may influence individuals’ perceptions in these areas of research.

She is also very interested in pursuing students’ interests and promoting research in the I/O field, so whatever your subject interest in I/O psychology is, this lab can help design a research program to study it.

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I/O Psychology Research Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. George Yancey

The purpose of the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Research Lab is to conduct research that explores organizational culture and linkage research and diversity and inclusion within the workplace. The lab also conducts applied research with local organizations to investigate needs within the Southeast Missouri region.

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School Research

Learning Experience Enhancement (LEE) Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Shawn Guiling

Dr. Guiling conducts systematic research that explore enhancements and impediments of learning in all facets of the academic setting. Topics of interest include student engagement, student-instructor rapport, classroom climate, instructor engagement, and ultimately improved retention. Other topics such as psychological assessment or specific student research ideas may also be addressed.

If you want to learn more about the lab, collaborate on a research project, or simply discuss your research ideas, contact Dr. Guiling at sguiling@semo.edu.

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Social Research

Social Cyberpsychology Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Stephen Nettelhorst

The purpose of the lab is to scientifically investigate the intersection of Social Psychology and Cyberpsychology. More specifically, this lab investigates social cognition, social behavior, and social influence within online environments. The lab currently focuses on studying phenomenon within the social influence domain.

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Learn more about Dr. Nettelhorst

Social Cognition and Interaction Lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jeremy Heider

Dr. Heider and his students examine several research topics within the realms of social cognition and social interaction. These topics include implicit and explicit forms of prejudice in the domains of race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and physical stature; the influence of stereotypes on social memory; and sex differences in jealousy reactions in situations of partner infidelity. Dr. Heider also directs student-driven projects on a regular basis. If you would like to learn more, feel free to get in touch with Dr. Heider at jheider@semo.edu.

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