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The Department of Psychology and Counseling's mission is to help students achieve their professional goals. One important step of this process is to help students choose a professional field that fits their interests and competencies. According to the American Psychological Association and American Counseling Association, there are several major categories of professional careers. The department offers a wide range of academic programs designed to help students enter and succeed in their chosen fields.

Helping Businesses

  • Advertising Sales Representative*
  • Career/Employment Counselor*
  • Human Resource Advisor*
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychologist**
  • Public Relations Representative*

Helping Improve People's Lives

  • Art or Music Therapist**
  • Marriage and Family Counselor/Therapist**
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist*
  • Substance Abuse Counselor*
  • Veterans Counselor*

Promoting Health

  • Employee Health Maintenance Program Specialist*
  • Clinical Psychologist**
  • Clinical Social Worker**
  • Licensed Professional Counselor**
  • Recreational Therapist*

Protecting the Environment

  • Conservation Officer*
  • Conservation Psychologist**
  • Environmental Specialist**
  • Urban Planner**
  • Wilderness Therapist**

Serving Communities

  • Child Welfare/Placement*
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist*
  • Family Counselor/Caseworker**
  • Forensic Psychologist**
  • Probation/Parole Officer*

Working in Schools

  • Academic Counselor**
  • Child Developmental Specialist*
  • College/University Professor**
  • School Psychologist**
  • Special Education Aide**

*Possible careers with an undergraduate degree
**Possible careers with a graduate degree and/or additional certification/licensing

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