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Relationship of Assessment to Institutional Goals

Relationship of Assessment to Institutional Goals

The purpose of academic assessment is to provide useful information about student achievement as it relates to the institution's academic goals. These goals, detailed in Southeast Missouri State University's Statement of Institutional Identity, include the following: 

That Southeast Missouri State University 

  • Aspires to create an intellectually challenging learning environment supported by a commitment to excellence in teaching. 

  • Seeks to provide an outstanding 48 hour general education program (General Education) with nine major measurable objectives. Students must: 
    1. Demonstrate the ability to locate and gather information. 

    2. Demonstrate capabilities for critical thinking, reasoning, and analyzing.
    3. Demonstrate effective communication skills.
    4. Demonstrate an understanding of human experiences and the ability to relate them to the present. 
    5. Demonstrate an understanding of various cultures and their interrelationships.
    6. Demonstrate the ability to integrate the breadth and diversity of knowledge and experience.
    7. Demonstrate the ability to make informed, intelligent value decisions.
    8. Demonstrate the ability to make informed, sensitive aesthetic responses.
    9. Demonstrate the ability to function responsibly in one's natural, social, and political environment.

  • Provides quality undergraduate and graduate programs in business, education, liberal arts, health and human services, the sciences and technologies.
  • Commits to holistic integrated student learning and to the development of graduates who respect diversity and understand the increasing globalization of society. 
  • Provides access for students who have successfully completed specified high school courses (the core curriculum) and have demonstrated by nationally normed test scores their ability to begin college level course work. 
  • Actively monitors and supports student progress toward educational and career goals and success through student support programs, advising, co-curricular activities, dynamic placement efforts, and a supportive campus learning environment.
As described in its Statement of Institutional Identity, the University "monitors student progress and evaluates learning by a campus-wide assessment program in general education, writing competency, and the major fields of study." Other areas of concern include information about student development, enrollment and retention patterns, and the general campus learning environment as it relates to student academic achievement.


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