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Coordination and Oversight

Coordination and Oversight

Responsibilities for administration of assessment are decentralized. In general, the units closest to the delivery of programs have primary responsibility for design, implementation, and use of assessments. With the exception of institution-wide studies, such as the alumni survey, individual units within the Divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Finance and Administration plan and conduct assessment activities tailored to their particular needs. Though decentralized, assessment is integrated into planning and program review and evaluated for effectiveness at the institutional level. The Assessment Review Committee, including faculty, student, and divisional representatives, has become a standing committee for coordination and oversight of the assessment program. The Committee is charged with annually evaluating the state of the assessment program at Southeast. Chaired by a faculty member, the Committee reports to the Provost. To emphasize integration of program review and assessment, responsibility for the assessment program within the Provost's Office has been assigned to the Assistant Provost. The position of Director of Assessment has been eliminated. Within Academic Affairs, all departments now prepare annual departmental reports which are expected to include an assessment component describing assessment activities. Annual reports are reviewed by chairpersons, deans, and the Office of the Provost. Since its inception, the Office of Institutional Research has produced external and internal reports and provided support for data management. Anticipating an enhanced role for Institutional Research in assessment and planning, a search for a new Director of Institutional Research has been launched to replace the former Coordinator. Finally, assessment results are reported regularly to Administrative Council, which is chaired by the President of the University. (Appendix 7, Coordination and Oversight Appendix 8: Organization).


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