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Implementation of Assessment Program

Implementation of Assessment Program

The Outcomes Assessment Plan approved by the Board of Regents in 1987 mandated assessment in general education, all academic majors, and teacher education. It also recommended that the plan be reviewed and revised as necessary. The Assessment Review Committee appointed in 1992 undertook this task. Its recommendations acknowledge certain ongoing activities in departments and colleges as valid components of assessment and focus attention on the need for further development and refinement of procedures for assessing academic programs and the general learning environment (for example, the standardization of departmental assessment plans and implementation of a graduating senior survey). Therefore, the timeline for implementation of assessment at Southeast indicates planned changes resulting from a collegial review of an existing program. Since the new Assessment Review Committee is charged with continuous monitoring of assessment activities and results, it can be expected that changes in assessment procedures will occur regularly. Forces external to the institution will also give shape to assessment in sometimes unpredictable ways. For example, by participating in a CBHE project on Funding for Results, supported now by a FIPSE grant awarded in Fall 1994, the University has committed to developing a local approach to assessment that facilitates the improvement of teaching and learning. The details of this approach cannot be worked out before FY96 and would not be implemented before FY97. In any case, many of the activities described here will continue, as will procedures for sharing the results of assessment, such as the Annual Departmental Report and ad hoc reports to Administrative Council. A general review of the assessment program will be conducted in FY98. Appendix 9 contains the current timeline for enacting proposed changes in the program.


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