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Appendix 4

Appendix 4

Inventory of Departmental Assessment Activities, 1993-94
Nationally Normed Tests
Accounting MFAT, FACIT, all majors
Administrative Services MFAT, BSBA; NTE, MoGEA, BSED
Communication Disorders NTE, only students seeking state certification
Economics MFAT, recommended
Elementary & Special Education NTE, MoGEA
Foreign Languages NTE, BSED
Geosciecnces NTE, BSED
History NTE, Social Studies; MFAT, History
Human Environmental Studies National Home Economics Test, recommended
Management MFAT, all majors
Marketing MFAT, all majors
Mathematics MFAT, BS; NTE, BSED
Music MFAT, all graduating seniors; NTE, BMED
Philosophy and Religion GRE or LSAT, all graduating seniors
Physical Education NTE, MoGEA
Physics MFAT, BS
Political Science MFAT, recommended
Sociology & Anthronpology MFAT
Secondary Education NTE, MoGEA
Social Work Area Concentration Achievement Test (2nd Semester of Senior Year)
Speech Communication NTE, BSED

20 Departments require a nationally normed test of some or all of their graduating seniors. 3 departments recommend a nationally normed test to some or all of their graduating seniors (35 total departments). All graduates seeking a BSED, BMED, or BVHED must take the NTE. All graduates seeking a BSBA must take the MFAT. 

Certification/Licensure Exams

Accounting CPA exam, accouting; Real Estate Brokerage, Finance
Chemistry National Registry Exam, Medical Technology
Communication Disorders National Examination of Speech Pathology, gradaute students only
Health & Leisure  NCTRC, therapeutic recreaction; NAAT, athletic trainers, American College of Sports Medicince Exercise Test Technologist, Cooper Institute Certification, health promotion; IDEA, dance exercise, Certified Leisure Professional
Human Environmental Studies NCIDQ, interior design majors
Nursing NCLEX, BSN, & AA
6 departments expect some or all of their graduates to take a national certification/licensure exam. All majors in accounting, medical technology, and nursing are required to take a national certification exam. 

Local Objective Tests

Agriculture All graduating seniors
Health & Leisure Pre and Post Exam for all majors
Psychology Administered for first time in Fall 93, discontinued MFAT as of Spring 94
Criminal Justice Strongly encouraged
4 departments have developed and use their own objective test of achievement. 

Performance Based Assessments
Active or Partially Implemented: 

Art Juried Portfolio and Show
Foreign Language Exit Portfolio
History Juried senior seminar research project, History; historic preservation, portfolio planned
Industrial Technology  Capstone course senior project
Mass Communications External review of capstone experience projects
Music Juried evaluation of musical performance, piano proficiency evaluation, senior recitals and exit performance; portfolio planned
Speech Communication and Theatre Review of speaking skills, speech; juried review of play direction.
Planned or Under Development: 
English Writing students, portfolio
Philosophy and Religion Senior paper
Psychology Portfolio
Secondary Education Portfolio
6 departments use performance based assessments such as portfolios and senior capstone projects. 4 departments are planning to use performance based assessments. 

Exit Interviews or Surveys 

Criminal Justice Survey
Foreign Language Interview
Harrison College of Business Recent graduate survey, every term, all departments
Mass Communications Interview
Psychology Interview
Social Work Survey
4 departments conduct exit interviews or surveys of graduating seniors. (Note: a campus wide survey of graduating seniors is planned for Spring 1994.) 

Internship Evaluations

Administrative Services Office Systems Managemnet, business and faculty evaluators
Health & Leisure Internship Employee Assessment & Research Project for all majors in internships
History All Historic Preservation majors
Mass Communications Selected students only
Political Science Exit interview with supervisor, 30-40% of all students
Elementary and Special Education Block I Exit Interviews
Secondary Education Block I, II, III, & IV exit evaluations
Social Work Senior level internships
8 departments have information available to them about student performance in internships. 

Job Placement Rates 
Active or Partially Implemented: 

Communication Disorders 
Industrial Technology 
Social Work 


Foreign Language 

4 departments formally maintain job placement rates. One department plans to do so. 

Graduate/Medical/Law School Acceptance Rates
Active or Partially Implemented: 

Philosophy Graduate school and law school
Biology Medical school
Chemistry Medical technolgy programs
Economics Graduate School
Planned or Under Development: 

Foreign Language 

4 departments formally maintain graduate/medical/law school acceptance rates. One department plans to do so. 

Alumni Follow-Up

Accounting Survey, 1992-93
Chemistry Newsletter
College of Education Beginning Teacher Newsletter
Elementary & Special Education Newsletter
English Periodic Survey
Geosciences Newsletter
Harrison College of Business All alumni, every five years, all departments\Newsletter
Health & Leisure Newsletter
History Occasionally with newsletter
Mass Comunications Every 4 to 5 semesters, 40% return rate
Music Satisfaction questionnaire, planned
Nursing Survey, 93-94; phone contact
Physical Education Newsletter
Psychology Fall 1993
Social Work  Roughly every two years
11 departments maintain contact with alumni through newsletters or surveys. The Harrison College of Business conducts a college-level survey. 


Agriculture Employer/Faculty/Alumni Advisory Committee
Educational Administration & Counseling Post-masters and EDS students take the Missouri Admnistrators Assessment
Human Environmental Studies Instructor and nursery school teacher evaluations, child development
Industrial Technolgy Departmental Advisory Committee includes employers of graduates
Political Science Pre and post tests in comparative political systems and US political systems


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